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Yesterday a rather fabulous box was delivered to me, a box full of Too Faced cosmetics you may have seen on Snapchat already (Username lizaprideaux). This … Continue Reading

When you are a beauty blogger its very hard to have a proper skin care routine and stick to it. I do have my favourite products that I use the daily, but I do love trying new innovative products and seeing how they work for me. A little break down on my skin type. I … Continue Reading


It’s haul time! Guys can you believe that Renzo is almost 5 months old?! I can’t quite believe it either. Renzo is much bigger than Vinny was at this stage, maybe its something to do with the fact he was born a couple of pounds heavier than him or it’s the fact that he eats … Continue Reading

Something I was asked a lot from my midwifes whilst pregnant with the boys was “Are you doing your Kegals?”… Yes, yes I’d nod to them each and every time. Now please tell me I’m not the only one nodding yes to these ladies but inside nodding no, not really… I haven’t had time, I haven’t … Continue Reading