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Katherine Daniels | Slimming Contouring Cream RRP £24.50*
Summers just around the corner which means we need to start preparing our pins! I know you’ll all be thinking about the perfect tanning products and getting your legs smooth but what about slimmer and firmer? I know I want some firmer looking legs if I’m going to brave a pair of shorts! Katherine Daniels has come out with a slimming contouring cream that is said to firm and slim the legs, now I must admit I was a little dubious when I read the name but I was down to try it. The cream itself is rich in Guarana which is an ingredient that naturally stimulates fat degradation and improves skin firmness and apparently you can see these results within four weeks! 
The cream absorbs quick and doesn’t feel sticky at all after application, you need to apply it twice a day which for me was a bit too much as I’m lazy enough as it is doing it once a day so I only stuck to once a day which resulted in lesser noticeable results, I did find that the ‘orange peel’ appearance that my skin had did disappear, the skin on my legs has always been quite dry looking and not very pretty so I can definitely say that since using this cream the appearance has improved. I did not measure however the results on the website states that 85% of the people tested did have a reduction in measurements and 76% had improved tone which is awesome. 
I will continue to use this cream to keep my pins gorgeous and smooth, it definitely has helped with that and if you fancy trying a slimming contouring cream then check it out! Lets get those legs prepped for summer and I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend!
Check out Katherine Daniels website here. 
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