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Hello ladies, today we are talking shoes! I have to admit I used to absolutely adore buying shoes and would always find a reason to buy a new pair but since becoming a mum I haven’t really taken much interest in new shoes, particularly heels because I never go anywhere to wear them but today I wanted to share with you this new pair I recently received from Daniel Footwear and I absolutely I adore them. The Tetris design is just fabulous isn’t it?!
First of all the fact that they are wedges is a huge plus for me, I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to stiletto type shoes and I’m rather clumsy so a wedge is always essential for me. I really love the design of these wedges they are so different and the colour scheme is fab because it will go with so many outfits. Another thing I really like about the design is the straps, particularity the black straps at the top, I love them because the crisscross design gives me a great support without cutting my ankle off. I’m always quite wary of the positing of straps on shoes because I don’t want them to make me appear shorter but these seem to elongate my legs whilst giving me that extra support I need. 
Overall a really comfortable and edgy pair of wedges that I adore, super high yet ultimate comfort which is just what I love in a shoe! Have you checked out Daniel Footwear? They have a fab sale on at the moment! 
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