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Thursday I mentioned I need to accessorise more and look what we have here, an accessory! About 4 or 5 years ago I became rather obsessed with the brand Trollbeads, Trollbeads is a Danish Jewellery brand that was originally founded in 1976! The collection basically allows you to create a unique and personal piece of jewellery which is why I love it so much. I have a bracelet with many beads on it now and each bead has a very special meaning to it with them being bought for me on special occasions and also purchased by myself for their meaning. You can buy beads, bracelets, necklaces, clasps and many more items but today I want to talk to you about the latest piece added to my collection and that is this beautiful brown leather bracelet* accompanied with beautiful beads* and a gorgeous clasp*. 
I opted for this leather style bracelet because I already own the original silver bracelet which as mentioned is full of beautiful beads and memories. I wanted something that would be perfect for everyday wear and Summer, this bracelet has a fab beachy festival vibe and for those who don’t like girly pieces this would be great for you. As mentioned I love it because it’s the perfect everyday bracelet that is perfect for the festival season. 
The beads have their own special names and meanings, the silver bead is a lucky knot which is for fortune and happiness and I also got the Nougat Flower which is a gorgeous cream bead that is super pretty. I adore flowers, and neutral shades are my current favourite to wear so I thought this would be the perfect combination. To finish off the piece I opted for a pretty floral clasp to match the flower theme and I just adore it, super elegant and very pretty. As you may have guessed Trollbeads are a favourite brand of mine and if you haven’t come across them yet then definitely check them out. Personal and gorgeous pieces that would make an amazing gift for someone or even yourself. 
You can check out the Trollbeads website here, get ready for some serious gorgeousness. 
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