Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner & Benefit They’re Real Remover

benefit they're real push up liner
benefit they're real push up liner
benefit they're real push up liner
benefit they're real push up liner
Cat flick kinda girl but can’t seem to master the perfect flick? Have no fear because this new product from Benefit is just what you need. I was super excited to hear about this brand new launch of the They’re Real Push Up Liner because I’m a big fan of the They’re Real mascara and I pretty much always have a cat flick these days, I just love the way it looks and really makes my makeup feel complete. This gel liner pen is the first of it’s kind, the unique pen packaging and flexi tip makes it very easy to hold and the soft Accuflex tip helps to move your eyelashes out of the way for easy application. I have to admit when I first tried it I couldn’t get to grips with it but as the week has gone on I have got more and more used to using this little baby and have fallen in love. I’m still not the most incredible at creating the perfect ‘cat eye’ but the unique pointed tip makes the perfect ‘stamp’ to just pop it on and I get better and better each day. I’m thoroughly enjoying using this liner! 
The formula is a gel that emerges from the tip by simply twisting the base one or two clicks, I find it works best when I twist it a couple of clicks and just pop some lightly onto the back of my hand to make sure the product covers the whole tip. With it being a gel formula keep in mind that this will be drier than a liquid liner, this is something I had to get used to but now I am fine with it, you also have to work quite quickly because it can dry pretty quick. This liner dries to a matte black and let me tell you this is super black and will not budge all day because it is waterproof, in fact I found it so hard to remove and almost impossible with just a normal face wipe but that’s where the They’re Real Remover comes in a treat. If you use They’re Real mascara you’ll know what a pain it is to get off and it’s the main reason I don’t use it as much as I’d like to it’s absolutely amazing to see Benefit came out with their very own They’re Real Remover. 
They’re Real Remover is a cream product that has been designed to make removing the They’re Real products super easy, I agree it does make it very easy to remove and it’s also fine for sensitive eyes all you have to do is pop some product onto your fingers gently rub onto the eye area, remove with a cotton pad and rinse. This stuff works like a dream ad as you rub onto the eye area you can feel the product dissolve and remove itself, super impressive although I am very lazy when it comes to makeup removing so I’d love to see Benefit come out with some ‘on the go’ makeup remover wipes or even a solution that doesn’t require rinsing. 
Overall I have really enjoyed using the new They’re Real products, if your a gel liner lover then you will love it and if your useless at creating the perfect cat-eye then you will need this! Just draw the line on, stamp that flick and off you go! 
Have you tried theses brand new beauties from Benefit yet? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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