Guest Post | Beautybykaris | Maybelline Fit Me Anti-shine Stick Review

Hey There, I’m Karis from the blog Beautybykaris, today I’m guest posting for the lovely Liza as she enjoys some time away with her boys. So grab yourselves a nice cuppa tea, and I hope you enjoy the read.
Maybelline doesn’t tend to be one of my ‘go to’ beauty brands, but not that long ago I was getting ready to go out with the girls, when I found myself in quite the predicament! As I began to apply my make up, I suddenly realised my body (Which was covered in fake tan), just did not match my face, (I was so unprepared) and I most definitely was not going out looking like that. Luckily, I have a supermarket right next to my house, so of course I had to do a quick supermarket dash, (Rollers still in place) for a darker shade of foundation, (Talk about girl problems). I normally spend forever picking a product, but this time I literally chose the first foundation I saw which could potentially match my tan. Fortunately for me that spontaneous purchase has now become one of my most loved base products.
The Maybelline FIT Me anti-shine stick, started of as my ‘go to’ evening look foundation, but since returning from holidays, (With a more natural golden skin tone) I have been using it religiously, and that’s why it had to go in my  ‘July Favourites’ post, and I just had to tell you all about it today. The gel stick foundation, has an anti-shine powder core, and although I’m not one to worry about shine control, the combination of the two really work well together, and gives me the perfect coverage. I usually find two layers of the foundation is enough for me, as not a lot of product goes on to the skin in just one application. I tend to draw all over my face with it, (Which is the fun part), and then I use my fingertips to blend. 
I personally don’t like to be caked in foundation, I prefer a lightweight formula, and the FIT me stick is exactly that, my skin can still breathe, (Well at least it feels like it can). It may be marketed more towards oily skin, but personally from my own experience, I would say it is more suited for combination, and if you are looking for shine control, you may have to use a powder on top.  But otherwise the gel to powder leaves your skin with a gorgeous matte finish.
Overall I love the natural coverage and it wears well, I just need it in a lighter shade now for when my tan fades. 
Have you tried Maybelline FIT me Foundation stick? Do you prefer stick or cream foundations?
Lots of Love,

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