Guest Post | Looks2BLoved | Sherbet Summer Nails

Today I have the wonderful Charlotte from Looks2BLoved here on Glambeautys, I absolutely adore Charlotte we have been friends pretty much since the beginning and she is yet another blogger I’m inspired by. Lets get Summery with this fabulous Summer nail post! 
Hi everyone! It’s Charlotte from Looks2BLoved and I’m thrilled that the lovely Liza has given me the
opportunity to guest post on her fab blog whilst she’s on holiday. Since she’s enjoying her hols, I
thought I’d create a post with a summer holiday feel and show you some fun Sherbet Summer Nails I
wore recently. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it really hard to decide on just one shade for my nails and
quite often opt for at least two. On this particular occasion I was rummaging through my nail polish
collection for a new look to apply and noticed how many sherbet, pastel shades I have, so I thought
I’d create a Sherbet Summer Nails look! Well, why not!
The four shades I chose were Revlon’s Dreamer (blue), nails inc’s Totes Pink (pink), Ciates Purple
Sherbet (purple), Essie’s Mint Candy Apple (green) and Company magazines polish in Foxes
(orange). I thought this selection would make a really fun, summery look that pretty much caters for
any outfit. What I find quite interesting about using lots of different polishes’ for one look, from different brands
and applying them at the same time, is that you really notice the difference in how they apply. My
favourite and the easiest to apply from this bunch was the Ciate Purple Sherbet. The brush is really
lovely and long and wide giving you oodles of ability to paint the nail in just a couple strokes. The
consistency of the polish is also really smooth and glides onto the nail to easily.
My least favourite to apply was the Company magazine freebie Foxes, for two reasons. With the pot
being so ‘ickle, the brush is really short and stubby as well, which makes applying quite fiddly. Also,
the polish itself is a bit thick and whilst it seems to dry quite quickly, thick plus speedy drying don’t
seem to work that well together; especially in the summer heat! So I was glad to only be applying this
shade to my baby finger nails!
Each of the shades has an equal amount of shine, so I didn’t apply a top coat in this case. But for that
extra shine and staying power, it’s never a bad idea to add a clear top coat.
I really love how this look turned out and in the summer sun, each of the shades shine in their own
way. Perfect for all those floaty, pastels dresses I’ve been wearing lately. So if you’re feeling
indecisive about your nail colour, why not mix and match from your collection. I bet you’ll be pleased
what you come up with!

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