Guest Post | Sweet Dreams | Revlon Parfumerie Polish Review

Before I start rambling about a new nail polish that I accidentally picked up (ahem), I better introduce myself! I’m Alexandra and I write a beauty and lifestyle blog Sweet Dreams. Liza has been kind enough to let me guest post whilst she is away enjoying herself on her holidays. Hope you enjoy the post!

This pretty little pink polish soon founds itself into my ever growing collection of nail polishes after I found it in Boots reduced from £6.49 down to £1.50. I actually don’t think I’ve ever tried a Revlon nail polish before, so I was looking forward to trying this especially as it’s scented too. The first thing that caught my eye with the polish aside from the bold pink shade, was the gorgeous dinky little bottle. With it’s look resembling a mini perfume bottle, I was won over by the packaging straight away. The first thing I looked at before painting my nails was the brush. I am one of those people who makes one heck of a mess when painting their nails. It gets all over my fingers and palms and often gets transferred to anything I touch – well, I never claimed to be perfect did I?! Anyway, I was slightly concerned that I was going to struggle with my application as the brush is quite small and slim but luckily I had nothing to worry about. In all honesty, this is the best nail polish that I have ever used in terms of application. I didn’t go ‘out of the lines’ even once and I found it super easy to apply. I only needed a maximum of two coats for full coverage, leaving me with no problems such as streakiness.

As you can see, ‘African Tea Rose’ is a gorgeous vibrant pink shade. It has stayed on my nails really well, apart from one nail began to chip off after 24 hours after I left a little gloopy lump to dry – I’m such a perfect nail painter aren’t I?! Now, onto what is possibly the selling point of the Parfumerie polishes – the scent. At first, I couldn’t smell anything at all, but after a while I started to notice a smell I can only describe as ‘old ladies and soap’ – no offence meant to old ladies and soap. The scent is actually described as ‘rose’ but I do have to give it a thumbs down from me. Aside from this, I’ve been really impressed with the polish – easy to apply, bold shade and long lasting, perfect! I have to finish on a negative and say that I think £6.49 for a nail polish is slightly over priced, but if I had found more than one shade at just £1.50, I’d have stocked up!

Have you tried a Revlon Parfumerie polish? 

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