Boys Christmas Gift Ideas

Skateboard // Lights and Sounds Whizz Down Mountain  // Marvin’s Magic Create and Make Magic // Disney Planes Tri-Scooter // Electronic Guitar
Ah it’s that time of year where I start going a little crazy with Christmas gift guides, I think this year I will do a few idea type posts and also share you things we have for little Vin this year. The reason I want to create these gift guides is to give you some inspiration and hopefully give you some ideas on what you can buy your little ones, little brothers or nephews. I unfortunately don’t have any little brothers or nephews but I do love buying and browsing the Internet so what better way to share with you what I’d buy. Today I am going to stretch the usual age range on this blog and I want to branch out to the teens also, I’m going to have to think about it one day so maybe I could even refer back to this years down the line when Vinny is a naughty teenager!
First up I was thinking typical teenager… Skateboard! I remember when I was at school, all the boys had skateboards at some point and they’d go down to the local skate parks after school, I used to go quite often because believe it or not I was quite into Blink 182 when I was younger and of course went though the grunge phase although never did quite master the skateboard. I then thought more along Vinnys age and something I know he would love right now is this whizz down mountain, it lights up and has sound which is fab because it’s super stimulating and interesting for him at this age although he does get bored quite quickly but who’s toddler doesn’t? 
I love the look of this Magic kit, when I was younger I loved kits like this and always pestered my parents for a magic kit. My dad was always showing me card tricks and things so I think that’s where I got it from and I was always so interested in it all, I think it would be a great gift for a boy or girl as magic is for everyone. OK so if your child is into Disney films then the next thing is for you, I adore this Planes scooter, something more for when Vinny is around 3 but a great item none the less. I can imagine when Vinny gets older and starts to really understand films the obsession will begin I’m not too sure who his favourite Disney character would be but I know it would be someone adventurous yet mischievous. 
Lastly I was thinking about the more musical child, all children love to make a racket don’t they so how about this Guitar on Christmas morning on the loudest setting, OK maybe not the best for our poor heads but I’m sure little man would love it don’t you? 
Do you have nephews to buy for or an older son, what do you plan on buying this year? 
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