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british beauty blogger
british beauty blogger
british beauty blogger
So I finally have some makeup on to show you all, I told you I had something exciting coming soon and I must say I was super excited to try these products by Jane Cunningham also known as British Beauty Blogger. I have been following Janes blog for over a year now and I love how informative Jane is, she obviously has a huge amount of knowledge and is always 100% honest no matter what the brand/product which I adore. Jane has teamed up with M&S to bring out her own range of British Beauty Blogger products, the launch includes an Eye & Cheek Palette, Lip Colour Trio, Eye Pencil Collection, Nail Polish Collection, Bronzing gift set and I believe a Makeup bag also. If your a fan of BBB and a reader of her blog you’ll notice that the packaging for these products are very similar to her blog illustrations and that is because Jane teamed up with her blog illustrator Nuno Da Costa and together came up with this fabulous creation. 
british beauty blogger
british beauty blogger
british beauty blogger
OK first up we have the Eye & Cheek palette, this was the product I was most excited about because I’m all about the eyes and with the Christmas season upon us it’s always nice to get glam. I really love the colour selection in this palette, all of the shades have a slight shimmer to them so I would have liked to have seen a nice matte brown shade in there as a transitional shade but other than that it’s great. As you can see in the pictures the shadows themselves are very pigmented they do have a bit of fall out but as I’ve said before with some shadows I’d much prefer that than the product being to hard and dry so a thumbs up from me. In the pictures above of me wearing the shadows I have used every shade in the palette and they all blend together beautifully, I really love how you can create a gorgeous autumnal look with this palette or just opt for the grey tones for an evening smokey eye. The price of this palette is just £14 which is an absolute bargain and a great palette for all occasions so I’d definitely recommend giving it a try if your looking for something easy to use and I really think that the shades chosen would suit most or all skin tones. 
british beauty blogger
On to the Eye Pencil set, this was something I wasn’t the most excited by but still intrigued to try. I usually just stick to the one kohl pencil and liquid liner but I have to admit lately I have been experimenting more with coloured liners either to use alone or with other shadows so after giving these a try I have been converted to a pop of colour here and there. These liners are Kohl liners so nice and soft on the eye and they are super pigmented, In the look I created I actually used two liners on the lid, I went for the coppery brown shade and the black glitter pencil which worked really well together I then popped the black liner onto the water line and it glided on with ease. Each liner blends beautifully also so if your one that likes to smudge out your liner then these work really great for that especially the metallic shades. I love the lilac shade it’s a really lovely colour to brighten up the eyes softly and it’s not a shade I have seen around much. Price point for this set is again £14 which is pretty amazing considering most liners on the high street cost around £4-6 and in this set your getting 8 liners! Beauty bargain! 
Overall I have really enjoyed trying out BBB M&S Beauty range, the price is on point and the quality of the product is really good so go check them out as they should be in your local M&S now or you can also order online here. 
Have you tried anything from the BBB range yet? 
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