Guest Post | Basics of a Truly Sexy Pirate Costume

There’s no denying it: pirates are cool – and a pirate costume is one of the most versatile costumes you can choose, with many different styles spanning a number of historical eras. For women, donning a pirate costume is also a chance to look your sexiest. However, not all sexy pirate costumes seem to hit the mark, and it can be hard to tell which ones are going to work for you. Here’s our guide to choosing a truly sexy pirate costume
The colours – The majority of pirate costumes focus on two colours: black and red. Given the scary associations of Halloween, the bloody history of pirates, and the sharp eye-catching nature of these two colours put together, this makes sense. But remember that you have choices. There are some stunning sexy pirate costumes that use purple instead of red, as well as those that are black and silver or black and white. Some of the most alluring pirate costumes actually make the unusual choice of focusing on brown. While not usually the sexiest colour, brown is truer to real pirates, allows for great leather options, and is the colour of rebels. This unassuming colour puts the attention on you rather than on the fabric you’re wearing. 
The hat – What does a pirate hat look like? Ask five different women and they’ll picture five different hats. The truth is that pirates wore many kinds of hats and sexy pirate costumes reflect that. From the classic tricorne hat or an admiral-style hat to a wide-brimmed adventuring hat, there are options for every woman. You can also kip the hat and wear a head scarf with the ends knotted and hanging down behind you. This is a chance to get creative, and remember that any 18th/19th century-style hat with some feathers will look dashing with a women’s pirate costume.
Unique styles – Don’t let yourself get pigeonholed into wearing the most common styles of pirate costume. A typical sexy pirate outfit consists of a corset, a short skirt, tall boots and a hat. But you can explore outside these lines and still look undeniably like a pirate. For example, consider longer asymmetrical skirts or tight-fitting brown pants to go with those boots. Up top, a blouse with puffy sleeves, a jacket, or a vest will work amazingly good. Some of the best sexy pirate costumes you’ll see present an entirely different silhouette, sporting a long coat over a skirt. Usually the long coat is slitted at the back, allowing for easy movement and a very sexy look. This is more of a “captain” style, for those who want to be in charge! 
Right and wrong accessories – Pirates are known for many things: rum, parrots, monkeys, peg legs… the list goes on. Unfortunately, many of these things do not make for sexy accessories. Stuffed parrots or monkeys break your silhouette and take attention away from your sexy outfit, while a prop peg leg is unsexy for obvious reasons. Consider a fake sword or play pistol and leave it at that.
What are the sexiest pirate costumes you’ve seen?

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