Life Lately | Where's that blogging Mojo?

So I realise that I haven’t really been posting that often on both blogs lately and to be honest I can’t really say why. There isn’t really a reason apart from I have just been enjoying more family time and I kind of let myself get out of the blogging loop somehow, not intentionally but just each day I found myself dong less and less and even losing time to read other blogs which is something I really enjoy doing.  I just wanted to let you all know I am still here and I am still blogging, I think my blogging mojo is on it’s way back and I’m excited for the next few months particularly with Christmas on it’s way. I think I may have mentioned the big C word in my last four posts so apologies for that hehe! 
So what have we been up to? Well as I said we have been enjoying family time, taking Vinny on many day trips and local attractions. We took him to The Big Sheep a couple of weeks ago which is a farm type family attraction with animals and kids rides he seriously loves it there so I think next year we are going to get an annual pass so we can go all the time as it’s only about 25 minutes away from our house. I really want to take Vinny to an aquarium soon as he has never been to one, I do wonder if he’d want to bring a fish home though because when we went to the fair a few weeks ago he was obsessed with all the fish that you win at the fair.. we didn’t try to win one mainly because they always die so quickly. I remember a few years ago we went to the Fair before our wedding and two weeks later they both had died, probably because we just kept them in those tiny fish tanks you get there and we didn’t really use any fish tank treatments or anything like that. I do wonder what Vinnys first pet will be, I’d love a dog but I think they are too big of a commitment right now. 
In November Mark and I are off for a Spa day which I am super excited about as I’ve never been to a Spa and it will be a really nice day date for us, we don’t go on many dates these days so I can’t wait. I will definitely be sharing our experience with you all so keep your peeper peeled!
Until next time lovelies. 
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