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When I was younger I always used to have quite bad skin, I never had sever acne but it was something that really bothered me as a teenager. I remember going to the doctors to try and see if they could help and they did prescribe me a solution which was meant to help, I found it a little too harsh on my skin so never continued with the product. Luckily as I have aged my skin has become a lot clearer, when I was pregnant with Vinny I really did get that pregnancy ‘glow’ that everyone talks about but I have to say since having Vinny my skins ‘glow’ has gone and I’m back to my monthly break out. For me this isn’t too big of an issue but I know for some it really is and others suffer quite badly with acne and skin problems. Today I just wanted to share with you some information on a clinic that helps to get peoples skin into a smooth, healthy condition no matter what the starting point is. 

Skn Clinics offers a huge amount of treatments from Acne Scar treatments to Laser Tattoo removal, along with the different treatments offered at Skn Clinics you can also purchase products to help improve your skin wether it’s just ageing or if you need something to protect and repair. The clinic is currently running a Clear Skin Challenge which I have found really interesting to read and see, they have picked 10 people to undergo acne treatment which has been personalised for each individual. Every treatment is different for each person but I have been reading though some of their stories and their mid treatment results look amazing. I can’t imagine how they must be feeling right now as they have suffered way too long, it must feel so nice to feel confident to not have to hide your skin anymore. 
If your a sufferer of Acne then I’d recommend checking out Skn Clinics, I haven’t undergone ay treatments at any of their locations but I have seen results and they look amazing!

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