Who to Follow on Instagram

I love Instagram! I have to admit Instagram is one of the first Social media accounts I check first in the mornings, I have seen quite a few ‘Who to follow on Instagram’ posts lately and I really love the idea of finding new people to find so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites. I follow many people from fashion and beauty to health and fitness so here are my top 5 to follow. 

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Desi is a super talented Makeup Artist/Youtuber she creates some gorgeous looks that are always on point, I’m obsessed with this chick and have even taken her pictures to my hairdressers to try and re create her gorgeous ombre locks and to my beautician because her brows are out of this world!

Yes I’m slightly obsessed with looking for new hairstyles at the moment and hair colours too so where do I head for inspiration? Of course Nicky Lazou! Nicky is new to the YouTube world and is an amazing talented Hairdresser based in Birmingham she creates absolutely beautiful hair styles and colours not to mention her style is adorable. I’m in love!

I have been following Jade for quite some time now and have been reading her blog ever since I found her on Instagram, Jade is a beautiful blonde bombshell with impeccable style. Jade is currently pregnant and her story is just beautiful, I love following her journey and I can’t get over how flawless she looks day in day out!

Here is another beautiful lady with fabulous style, Cara is a mummy of two beautiful boys whom she also likes to include in her blog posts which I adore. I love following this account because it also inspires me with Vinny and my own style, another beautiful lady you need to follow. 
I hope you enjoyed hearing about my current Instagram Favourites, I’d love to know who yours are whether it’s beauty, fashion, mummy or fitness related! I’m always looking for new accounts to follow. 
If you’d like to check out my Instagram it’s @lizaprideaux come say hi! 

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