World Arthritis Week

Did you know it’s World Arthritis week? You may think it’s a little odd for me to share such a thing but I think it’s really important to share awareness for this condition because it is something that has affected me specifically and I know affects many others out there too. I don’t have Osteoarthritis specifically but I do have Inflammatory Arthritis which shares similar symptoms, I actually got this just before I got pregnant with my son Vinny and it actually got worse during pregnancy which the consultant found odd because he said joint problems usually get better during pregnancy unfortunately for me that wasn’t the case. 
I was crippled with pain in my hands, knees and wrists and it even stopped me working during pregnancy as I found working on the computers didn’t help and I was in too much pain, some symptoms I got were severe swelling, and stiffness these problems were worse in the mornings for me and got a little easier to deal with during the day although at it’s worst it was still excruciating. I was prescribed steroids to help with this which it did and eventually it all went after I had Vinny, I still suffer every now and again and the colder weather definitely doesn’t help. 
Osteoarthritis affects millions of people in the UK and is the most common joint disease, if you have any of the symptoms explained in the info graphic above definitely go see your doctor and get things checked out. It took me quite a few trips to my doctors and eventually I was referred to the consultant to diagnose my problem so it’s important you stay persistent especially if the pain gets worse. 
Does Arthritis affect anyone in your family or even you? How do you cope? 
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