Kitchen Conversion | The Before

Before I bore you all with new Kitchen pictures which might I add probably won’t be for another 4-6 weeks I thought I’d shock you all with our before pictures. I did plan to do the before and afters all in one post but then thought why not do a separate before post first. First of all let’s just take in how dark everything looks, the wood, oh the wood… the tops are actually OK and I didn’t mind them too much although they have to go. It all has to go… 
The tiles, super special and kind of remind me of when I was younger I actually think we had tiles like this at my parents house at one point in my life. It’s safe to say I didn’t pick this house because of the kitchen although we did think of the potential it had and how we’d change it in the future, we are so lucky to be able to make these changes now and i can’t wait to see our new kitchen completed. 
Final close up of those wood cabinets, I did actually contemplate painting these white one time but then decided against it because I’d still need to make big changes such as the tiles and floor so here we are today.. the kitchen has been completely ripped out we have our fridge in our lounge along with everything else we want to keep… the food and that’s about it. The kitchen will be arriving on February 14th and I hope it will be all put up within that week so keep your eyes peeled for the next update around then, I shall also post some pictures of the garage part that’s been knocked into our kitchen also. It’s feeling so much bigger now and although it’s currently just rubble and plaster I’m super excited to see what changes happen next!
If you’d like to see a progress picture check out my Instagram as I posted an image today! 
Have you had a kitchen conversion before? How did you cope with all the mess and living out of boxes for a few weeks? 

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  • How are you finding it at the moment? We're having an extension upstairs, a new bathroom and kitchen extension too and I'm excited but nervous. Is it hard with little Vin? xx

    • Ah it's quite hard but we are getting there. The whole room is now skimmed and will be ready to paint this weekend. The main thing is that the kitchen does come until mid feb which is our mistake for not ordering early. Apart from that it's ok, Vinny has been good but have had to go out more because we are kind of just stuck in one space at the moment which is quite hard with a little one x Ah a new bathroom, and kitchen! Bliss x

  • How exciting for you. We moved into a new build last March and had the kitchen ripped out the first day. It just wasn't to our taste, nor did the build company have what we wanted. We sold the 'new' kitchen and replaced it with a german one. I have to say we didn't have to live there while it was being fitted but I spent loads of time there seeing it come together. Can't wait to see your After photos. Best of luck xx

  • Charlotte Hawrylak

    How lucky are you! I hope it all goes well, a new kitchen is sure to brighten up your house. x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  • Ooh this is going to be so exciting, can't wait to follow the journey!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  • Really looking forward to seeing it all come together how super exciting!! Thanks for sharing the before photos x

  • Ah so excited for you, I bet it's going to look amazing once it's done! xx