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I haven’t bought any clothing items for quite some time now, well nothing worth blogging about but I have been thinking I need to treat myself soon. You may know I’m pretty safe when it comes to fashion, I tend to stick to the same colours and same styles and rarely push myself out of my comfort zone but recently whilst searching online I found quite a few wearable yet stylish pieces that I’ve been lusting after ever since so I thought I’d share them with you today. 
Everything I’ve picked is from River Island mainly because I have a store local to me so I can try pieces on and also because I found some really great bits online. What I love to do is go into the store to find everything I want and I then go on the look out online to find the best deals and discounts, I love using different discount websites and I always end up saving so much money so it’s great especially when your a spendaholic! 
Flares seem to be everywhere at the moment, I remember wearing flares back in the day and even making my own by cutting the sides of my jeans and sewing in fabric! Let’s just say it never really went to plan but hey I was proud of my creations and I even made pairs to match my accessories, I always knew I’d be a Fashionista…. I really love these dark denim jeans from RI, the dark denim is taking me ever so slightly out of my black comfort zone but also look super chic. I thought it would go perfectly with a swing cami and this oh so gorgeous grey jersey jacket, I have been obsessed with this ever since I tried it on in store I still want to buy it but I’m kind of hoping my husband reads this and gets it for me this Mothers Day (there’s a lovely meal in it for you Mark). 
Last but not least to finish off this outfit I picked these fabulous Mules, I really love these they look super comfortable despite the large heel and they’d go with so many outfits I think. I also love this purple fedora hat, it’s so gorgeous although I’m not sure I could brave it out even though I’d love to. 
What do you think of my picks, mumsy yet on trend? 

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