What’s left to do to our new Kitchen/Diner

I thought I’d give you all an update today on my new kitchen diner, it’s been a fair few weeks since we began but I can finally say the end is almost here hooray. We’ve got lights fitted (by my lovely husband), walls painted and things on order but we still have a few big things to do like install the kitchen and lay more flooring.. I’m going to take you through everything that’s going on in my head at the moment as you can imagine I have a list of things I need to do or get so writing it down will help me a lot. 
We’ve laid the flooring down in the kitchen side of our room and we opted for an off white/stone coloured rectangle tile, the tiles are pretty big and they have a slate effect on them. I did ask on Twitter a few weeks ago what people thought of shiny or matte tiles and the response was matte all the way so thank you for your answers as I’m so happy with our new gorgeous floor, that being said we haven’t come to a decision for the dining room side, I was thinking about wooden flooring and I’m still deciding on that or carpet but if we go for carpet I want something that will be hard wearing and something that doesn’t mark. I’m a bit of a crazy lady when it comes to carpets and I hate it when you can see hoover marks so the wooden floor might be a better option, I’ll keep you updated. 
Ah furniture, I find myself browsing furniture sites most evenings these days because I’m looking for the perfect dining table set and sofa. The main problem I’m finding is delivery times and prices, I can find amazing beautiful pieces but the delivery time is either 12 weeks or if I find something with a decent delivery timescale it costs an arm and a leg so finding the perfect balance I’m finding hard right now. I’m looking for a nice white dining set which is also really hard to find so if you have white dining room furniture I’d love to know where you got it from. 
Finishing Touches 
Another thing I have been searching for are the perfect finishing touches to add to our room, pictures, a clock, lamps and ornaments I have so many things I’d like to buy but I’m finding it quite hard to picture it all together so I think I will have to wait until the furniture is in to really get a feel for the room. I’m loving golds, coppers and silvers but I don’t fancy having them all in the room so once everything is in I’ll be able to get the feel for the room and what metal I’d like to incorporate into the decor. 
What are your favourite websites to search when buying for your home, any quirky sites out there at the moment? 
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  • My parents had carpet on the dining side of the kitchen but then replaced it with wooden floor. It's def more practical. Bet you can't wait for it to be done, we're doing our home we recently moved into & made the mistake of starting jobs here there & everywhere x

  • Sounds great I can't wait to see the final result 🙂 my parents are currently having the kitchen done out too and it's such a pain and a mess haha! Can't wait for it all to be finished. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  • I'm moving in with my fella when I graduate in May and I'm already planning little things like this haha! He's not going to know what has hit his poor little house 😉 xxx

  • how exciting, I bet you can't wait to have it all finished! I'd love a new kitchen, sadly the one in my house is tiny. One day I'll have the kitchen diner of my dreams haha x