How to create your own perfume // The Ultimate Collection

When I was younger I have a vivid memory being at my local youth club and creating a perfume for my nan whist in a perfume making workshop, I was so pleased with the results and couldn’t wait to get back to hers so I could gift her this fabulous creation. My nan was a very polite little lady and never told me how hideous it actually smelt, but whenever I would ask her when she’d wear it she always said she was saving it for a special occasion, bless her! I was recently asked if I wanted to create my own personal fragrance, the idea of having my own scent that nobody else had was really exciting and I really wanted to reminisce back to that day I made a fragrance for my nan but I did wonder how I’d be able to do this from the comfort of my own home. I was then told about The Ultimate Collection – Design your own perfume set* and I instantly fell in love, what an amazing idea and a great gift for any perfume lover.

The Ultimate Collection Perfume set includes;
18 Individual perfume blends
30ml Glass perfume bottle atomiser
20ml Gold diamanté atomiser
18 Pipettes
18 Scent strips
Blending your fragrance booklet
The method itself is pretty simple, you literally just need to choose the fragrances you love the most and then add them to the atomiser with the pipettes supplied. Once you’ve done your experiment of mixing the different fragrances together you simply spray onto the scent strips until your completely happy with the fragrance and that’s pretty much it. A very simple way to make your very own fragrance and if Britney can do it so can we! The gold diamante atomiser is such a gorgeous touch and it’s the perfect piece to add to your dressing table or to pop in your bag.
I’m totally in love with my new personalised fragrance and If my nan was still here I’d totally buy her one too so we could mix the perfect blend together and create her the perfect scent she would have deserved and not my youth club disaster! It still makes me giggle and the new perfume I have created really reminds me of her I just know she would have really loved it. 
Have you ever made your own fragrance before? What would be your perfect key notes? 

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