Vinny Loves #1

I havent written about any of Vinnys favourites in a while so I thought I’d kick off todays post with just that, Vin got quite a lot for his birthday and I’m happy to say all of which he has been playing with quite a lot recently. I really love doing these favourites posts, I’m thinking of doing some Home Loves too as you know we’ve had a lot going on at home lately and I have been obsessed with everything home/decor. We have pretty much finished everything in our kitchen but now I have my eye on some VELUX Energy Blinds, they are only blinds that offer a view out, blackout, privacy, light and insulation and then once that’s done my next mission is the garden, it’s quite a big project and I’ve got loads of things in mind; a patio area, grass for Vinny to play, a BBQ area and the list goes on! Anyway enough of me blabbing, lets get to Vinnys Loves! 
His obsession with Thomas has grown quite a lot lately, he has so many Thomas toys and always insists on playing with ‘choo choo’ when he sees them in his toy box. Vinny was super happy to receive these Thomas toys for his birthday, the Thomas & Friends My First Remote Control Thomas and the Thomas & Friends My First Pop & Go Thomas I thought it was also a nice touch he got these gifts because it’s also Thomas & Friends 70th Birthday this year,  I can’t believe they’ve been going for that long but I can totally see why! Vinny is obsessed, his favourite toy is definitely the Pop & Go Thomas it’s super fun and the price is really reasonable too at just £19.99. 
This is more of a mummy love but I have been so happy and impressed with Vinnys new Bear Hug Desk from Worlds Apart. This desk is absolutely adorable and it was also really easy to assemble, yes mummy did assemble it all herself so if your usually useless like me then you have nothing to worry about. I did buy Vinny a table and chairs set from Ikea a little while back and although I really like it Vinny is still a little too small for it and I find he doesn’t really sit at it for long as his feet can’t quite touch the ground yet so when this desk arrived I was happy to see it was a little smaller and the perfect size for toddlers. Vinny sits at this desk with comfort and he absolutely loves it, I really love that he can eat his lunch at this little table and he can draw, read ect. The little crayon pots are adorable also, Vinny likes to put his snacks in there but I don’t mind!
I shall update you on a few more favourites soon, he has so many! What has your little one been loving lately? 
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  • I love that desk. I was looking at the white Ikea table & chair for my little man, due to his autism he doesn't really show any interest in things but recently he's really started showing an interest in scribbling/drawing but I too was wondering if it would be a bit big, plus we don't have a huge house so really need something compact. Do you also think this would be suitable to eat at on occasions? He also has real issues with food so thought it might make meal times a little easier for him when he's overwhelmed. Thanks x

    • Hi Hun absolutely! The idea tables are pretty big aren't they, Vinny loves eating at this desk as I think he is more comfortable and as the seat is attached he isn't moving about all the time. The table part is slightly slanted so Id just reccomend buying a plate with a rubber bottom to stop it sliding off we use one from oxo which is fab. Vinny always eats here now 🙂 x

  • Ethan loves Thomas products too! That desk looks AMAZING for toddlers, I'd love to get Ethan one of those! x

  • kramariczlatka

    Is that your son? He's adorable! 🙂 My little sister had some Thomas train similar to that one on the picture xD