Room Tour // Dining Room

I promised you all in my Kitchen Reveal post that I’d give you all an update once our dining room was complete so here we are today with an updated dining room tour. I have to admit I have a couple of bits still to get like a couple of pictures and a clock but other than that we are pretty much done so I just had to show you. Since the last update we have added a few extra bits and things we were waiting for finally arrived so let me talk you through them all.

Firstly let’s talk dining table and chairs, last time you would have seen my table but you may remember we had a few random chairs as we were waiting for the arrival of our dining chairs. Our dining room chairs finally arrived from Danetti last week and I couldn’t be happier, they match our bar stools perfectly and they are also stackable which is really great for storage if we ever needed to move them. They are super comfortable and I have to say I absolutely love our table and chairs, it was quite hard to find a dining set that I really liked and I’m so glad I found this, the table is also perfect for blog photos.. I didn’t plan that… promise.

I started to think that although I loved everything being white I wanted to add a bit of colour to the room, with it being Spring I was eager to get my current favourite colour Yellow into the room and I absolutely love the subtle way we have done it. This rug from Habitat is gorgeous it’s called the Brecan Medium Grey flat weave rug it’s got a hint of yellow with the stripes and just adds enough colour into the room without being to overpowering. With having a brand new carpet and a toddler I thought it would be a good idea to get a rug, mainly because this room is for eating and toddlers aren’t the tidiest creatures so if Vinny wants to have a little picnic on the carpet I’m more than happy for him to do so and the design is really great too as it’s quite busy so it will hide any marks if he does have a little accident.

Final yellow touches, I bought these large pillows from BHS a couple of weeks ago, they were actually in the sale for around £4 from £16 I believe! I love a bargain and these pillow are gorgeous, I really love how yellow and grey look together and I think they brighten up the room beautifully.

Above the sofa we have our wall gallery, this is probably my favourite feature of the room it’s such  great idea and I plan on mixing up the photos throughout the year and changing up the little ornaments also, I really love the mini gold pineapple from Rose & Grey it’s so cute and quirky!

Being a family room I couldn’t completely strip it from having any child friendly pieces so we always  have this little bear hug desk for Vinny to sit and enjoy, he loves to eat at this table and draw of course. It’s nice and neutral which I love and works really well in the room I think.

 This is actually a mirror in our new downstairs toilet/cloakroom, I wanted to share this with you because the downstairs toilet is new too but it’s not currently finished. We really wanted a downstairs toilet in this house and although it’s pretty small it’s actually going to be really handy as Vinny gets older and we start to potty train.

The mirror itself is called the Biella LED Mirror from Pebble Grey and it’s absolutely gorgeous, it’s illuminated so we don’t actually need a toilet light because this one is bright enough and works really well in the room. If you go to the website you may notice this mirror is the wrong way up and that’s just because the wall is very small so that’s how we had to fit it for it to go in this room, I actually like it vertical and it was super easy to put up too. The mirror has a motion sensor so we simply swipe our hand in front of it to turn it on and off, it’s really great and it also has a shaver socket and demist pad so even more perfect for large bathrooms. If you’d like a post on how to make the most of a small cloakroom once ours if finished do let me know because I have lots of ideas!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the dining room as it is now, I’d love to know what you think!

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