UK Holidays.. In a Caravan?

I’m all about Staycations, I never used to be but since having little Vin theres nothing more I love than exploring the UK with my little family. We are very lucky because we live in Devon so we are super close to the beach and it’s such a pretty location although I will say we don’t go to the beach all that often mainly due to time and lack of planning. I do plan on taking a few UK trips this year, we are off to Bluestone at the end of the month so that will be exciting, we are actually going to be staying in a Luxury Lodge and we can’t wait. 

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I would like to eventually take Vinny on a little caravan holiday, something I never thought I’d say but I actually really love the idea of staying in a little caravan and the idea of not really having to travel far. You can pretty much get great deals all year round and I really love the fact that you wouldn’t need to pack much,  and you can take your own food which is perfect for those with fussy children!
I think I’d like to have a little trip to The Lake District this year, the scenery is beautiful and it would just be great to get on our bikes and go on a little family adventure. LV= actually wrote a really great post called Caravan Holidays in the UK and it features some fantastic caravan locations so if your thinking about going on a super affordable family adventure then definitely check it out!
Have you been on a caravan holiday before, how was your experience? 
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  • The matching outfits are SO cute! I love caravan holidays, the UK is actually so beautiful we just all seem to not realise it haha. x

    • I know ha we should make more of an effort to explore all of the beautiful places x

  • I love a caravan holiday! As a kid we always tented in Cornwall and then as we got older we went on Eurocamp holidays, which were awesome! We do love holiday'ing in the UK though, we are lucky we live in such a pretty place with plenty of places to visit!

    Kay xxx

  • I don't mind my caravan holidays but I prefer to go somewhere a lot more warmer like Vendee in France or Brittany. It's been 3 years since I visited France, and honestly, I miss it so much! I went to Scotland and Turkey last year and I'm off to New York soon and Tunisia in the Summer. I live to close to the Lakes to holiday there, but it's so beautiful. I hope you have an amazing time xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  • Caroline

    We bought a caravan a couple of years ago, after having our little boy.
    I was brought up on UK holidays and I've loved knowing what I know about my country and places within it. 🙂 I want that for our boy too.
    We've only been out once in it so far, to Northumberland, but we have a trip booked for June this year to Cornwall and then another back to Northumberland later in the year.. I can't wait. I have to admit that it can feel cramped, but it's nice doing it as a family. Ours has bunk beds for our little boy, so he has his own area. and we have the front area that is seating that turns into a double bed. 🙂