New Home Interior Inspiration Tips

Moving in to a new home is super exciting and the main thing that’s on most of our minds when moving is how you are going to decorate, we moved into our Family home almost 2 years ago now and although the project is still ongoing I absolutely love focusing on each room and making it our own. I thought I’d share with you a few tips on how to gather some inspiration for your new home if you’ve recently moved or thinking about the big move.


Pinterest is the main place I go to when I need some inspiration, you can search for pretty much anything and still get great ideas. I have searched high and low and created many boards for each room; kitchen inspiration, kids rooms, even offices and ideas for tiny cloakrooms! Seriously it’s all there,  if you struggling for storage solutions then Pinterest is the way to go because there are so many great ideas from work spaces to dealing with tiny cupboards and wardrobes!

Make it personal 
If your wanting to create some really personalised spaces in your house and something that actually means something to you then why not decorate a room around one of your favourite places or a trip you’ve been on, you’ve most probably collected some great souvenirs and images so you could really incorporate that into the room and make it personal.
Colour themes are a great way to begin your interior adventure, you can focus on wall colours and then incorporate those into your furniture to really make everything come together, for instance in my kitchen diner everything is pretty white and grey but I’ve recently added a splash of yellow with pillows, flowers and a rug to create a bit of personality and add some fun to the room this Spring. You can use your favourite colours or just one colour and really make this a place you love being in and enjoy, my kitchen is my favourite room of the house and It’s all because we made it our own.

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Have you just moved into your new home? What inspired you the most when decorating?
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