Top 5 Fridge Essentials

fridge essentials


Almond Milk

This is my number 1 essential in my fridge, I use this everyday in my breakfasts and teas. I made the transition to almond milk whilst on a health kick last year and ever since have fallen in love with it, I really love it in smoothies too it’s gorgeous!

Full Fat Milk
This is more of an essential for my little Vinny, Vinny still has one to two bottles of milk a day and he also has it in his cereal and smoothies too. Vinny is not a huge fan of veg so I love to make him smoothies with plenty of fruit and veg in it and I also use full fat milk to make it extra tasty for him.
Peri Peri Sauce
This is a husband essential, I’m more of a fan of light mayo but Mark loves to add flavour to his meals by adding some Peri Peri Sauce, he even love this in his sandwiches with chicken! Random but he loves it, plus it makes things easier for me when cooking because you can add this to so many meals to add flavour!
I’m not a huge fruit eater so I make sure every morning with my breakfast I always have some fruit, my favourite breakfast is to have chocolate Weetabix, almond milk, a banana and fresh raspberries so I buy these every week because I literally have the same breakfast everyday I’m a creature of habit! I buy them frozen then each night pop some into a container ready for the next morning.
Teeth Whitening Syringes 
This is a very random one but one thing I do keep at the bottom of my fridge are my teeth whitening syringes theses have to be kept refrigerated once opened so I keep them in there to keep them fresh!


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What are your top 5 fridge essentials?
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