Vinny // Konfidence Swimoligist Update

Vinny is wearing the Warma Wetsuit  in the photos above

As you may know Vinny has been going to his swimming lessons for a few weeks now so I thought it was about time I gave you all an update on his journey. Before Vinny started his lessons he had been swimming a handful of times, all of which he would cling on to his dad for the whole duration he was in the pool. It did make me worry a little that Vinny had a slight fear for water and I really wanted to make sure that by the end of his lessons he would be confident to jump in the water and have a good splash about.

Vinnys first lesson went surprisingly well and despite him being a year or more younger than most in the class he took to the water really well and his surroundings. One thing we did learn from this lesson was that we’d need to take something to get him out of the water next time because if we had let him he would have stayed all day! As the lessons have gone one Vinny has had a few ups and downs, mainly ups but he has had a couple of weeks where he’d still like some daddy cuddles in the water. Lisa, the teacher and owner of Aquarius Swimschool is fantastic though and really get’s Vinny motivated and excited, It’s much better when Lisa takes charge as Vinny will listen to her and follows her instructions really well.

I can already confirm Vinny loves the water and that fear has disappeared, the first thing he says to me on a Saturday morning is ‘swimming mummy?’ it’s seriously the cutest thing and he has made me so proud. The first time I saw him jump in the pool alone which I believe was week 2 I did almost shed a tear, it was such a proud moment for me to see him confident enough to jump into this pool and be so excited to do it again and again! Vinny definitely has his likes and dislikes at swimming, he absolutely loves the shark fin that he wore at his most recent class unfortunately I was working so missed this lesson but his dad did message me straight away to tell me how amazing Vinny did wearing this shark fin all alone and swimming around the pool, he isn’t a huge fan of the woggles though and never really has been he tends to throw them back into the middle of the pool once he is given them but I think that’s just because he hasn’t quite got to grips with holding them under his arms, I can’t wait to see him swim with these.

Since Vinny has started his lessons I have seen him grow into such a happy and confident little boy in and out of the water, from the moment he gets into the pool his face is filled with joy and I’m glad to say we are now able to get him out the pool by reminding him he will be back to do the same the following week. ‘

So far so good girls, I can’t wait to update you all again to see what else this clever little boy has learnt and I hope to share more pictures with you all too. Unfortunately I’m not aloud to take photos in the pool but I shall have to take some more snaps at our local pool just to show you how amazing he is. Thankyou so much Konfidence for giving us this amazing opportunity to give Vinny the confidence he needed in the water, Vinny has been wearing his Konfidence Aqua Nappy in the pool and his NeoNappy over the top which are both swim school approved and perfect for those schools that require double layer protection.

Does your little one go to swimming lessons, do they love the water as much as little Vin?

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