My Lip Augmentation Experience & Botox

lip augmentation botox experience james willis faces

I have always been one to watch surgery and makeover programs, I find them so interesting and love seeing the results although not all of them turn out well it still interests me and has actually made me want to get procedures myself. I have only had non surgical procedures and today I wanted to share my experiences with you on my most recent ones which are a lip augmentation and Botox.

I have always been quite unhappy with my smile despite having my teeth straightened when I was younger they have since moved and it’s made me quite unhappy with my smile. I did consider straightening again but have put that off for now although I will have them done in the future, with my smile being a little crooked it has effected the way my lips are positioned and has made them uneven so the main reason I had them done was to even out my smile and also create a less ‘gummy’ smile, when I laugh I have quite a wide smile and I felt self conscious because you could see quite a lot of my gums but I’m happy to say this has been corrected and I’m delighted with the results.

When it comes to having these types of procedures it’s so important to do your research and find someone you feel comfortable with doing them for you, I did a lot of research and came across James Willis whom is the owner of James Willis Faces in Totnes. James has been providing these treatments in Devon for over twenty years which is pretty incredible and he is a member of the International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics and trains and lectures to other colleagues so this instantly put my mind at ease but of course still wanted to meet him before being completely happy to go ahead with my treatments so as soon as I could get an appointment I got booked in and visited his clinic.

The clinic is lovely, very clean and has such a relaxed serene vibe I felt instantly happy when I entered the clinic I also spotted a fabulous makeup stand as they also do makeup. The makeup brand is Youngblood and I was also able to try some of this after my treatments, Ali made sure I left feeling as beautiful as I could after my treatments and used the makeup to hide any red marks or bruising with the mineral makeup which has been created to help conceal and soothe post-operative bruising and irritation.

lip augmentation botox experience james willis faces
On to the actual treatment, I was greeted by James and he was very welcoming and firstly asked me what I was unhappy about when it came to my lips and I explained my concerns  he then thoroughly explained to me everything that I would need and also explained that the reason my smile was a little gummy was not in fact to do with my lips but the muscle above them, he reassured me he could fix this with a touch of Botox to the sides of my nose and then spoke about how we could make my lips better. James talked to me about what filler he uses which is Juvederm, a non-permanent product that is very safe and the benefits are very natural, he also explained that I already had quite full lips which I knew but one side was slightly more deflated than the other due to the positioning of my teeth so he would pop more filler in one side to match that up, and he also told me how much the procedure would cost before starting which would be £300.
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I was also very concerned about the pain as I’ve heard so many things about lip fillers and how painful they are, I was adamant I wanted a dental block but James explained that the numbing cream would be better and that he’d put lots on and leave it on until I was happy to go ahead. To be honest the cream was perfectly fine and I could barely feel a thing, the pain wasn’t bad at all and was bearable. James popped some extra filler in the two lines in between my nose and lips to make them more prominent and has defined my philtrum/cupids bow, this has also lifted the appearance of my lips and given more of a pout effect.
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lip augmentation botox experience james willis faces
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James asked kept asking me if I was OK throughout the procedure and made me feel at ease, he really made me feel relaxed and took his time to get everything right. Once he was finished he gave me a mirror to have a look and I could instantly see the results although they were a little swollen I actually loved how they were and didn’t want them to go down! I was then booked in for two weeks time to make sure I was happy and to add some more fillers if needed which we did as I still wanted them slightly fuller. 4 weeks later after my first initial appointment I am so happy with the results and my lips look great, I’m so thankful I came across James and his Clinic it’s such a lovely place and so professional.
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I was so happy with my lip treatment I opted to have my Botox done here too, I have had Botox in the past so this wasn’t new to me but James did do a couple of things differently like add some Botox to my ‘Bunny Lines’ which is the cutest name for wrinkles on the nose to reduce them slightly and he also added a tiny bit of Botox to the brows to lift! Brace yourselves for the before photos…
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lip augmentation botox experience james willis faces
I only had Botox on my forehead area, and a tiny bit on the nose and brows I’m so happy with the results again. The Botox began to work after just one day and as the days went on it just kept getting better, Botox can take up to two weeks before you see the full results and it’s now been a couple of weeks since my Botox procedure and the lines are gone!
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I’d highly recommend James Willis Faces if you are wanting to have a procedure like this done, James is so professional and relaxing I honestly can say I look forward to visiting the Clinic and I will visit again for other future treatments, Botox and Lip top ups too. Botox can last from 3-6 months although I have it done once a year and lips will also last about a year sometime a little longer so I shall be having both done again in a year or so.
Check out James Willis Faces here, it is truly an amazing Clinic that I’d highly recommend and will continue to use.
Treatments James Willis Faces Provides:
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I hope you enjoyed this post from me this is something I have done for myself because it makes me feel better about myself. I thought it would be helpful if you are considering any of these procedures for yourself, if you have any questions leave them in the comments below, tweet or email me and I will be happy to answer!Check out the James Willis Faces  blog here. 

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  • I'm planning to get my lips done in October and will definitely be hitting the Botox in future, so this post has been so useful and interesting Liza! You also look fabulous, so money well spent in my opinion 🙂

    Claire |> | xx

  • Both results looks great Liza. Looking stunning! xx

  • Your results are absolutely fabulous! I would love to have lip augmentation so will be taking a look at James' site. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Check out my latest post <3

    • Thankyou, I'd highly recommend James he is amazing!

  • ohh they treat Cellulite too? checking!
    I think you looked good before too, but it's good to be happy with yourself and you do look gorgeous in the after photos 🙂

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  • I just came across your blog, and I just wanted to say that you are really gorgeous!

  • Absolutely stunning. What gorgeous results. Am looking to have the same done plus teeth whitening.

  • Great results. You look gorgeous as always xx

  • Caroline

    Great read Liza. 🙂
    I can't help but say that you were beautiful before, however, I know what it's like to have a hang up. So, whatever makes you happy, as along as it's for you. 🙂
    Both treatments look to have done their job. I'm currently researching lip fillers, as well, my lips have always been on the small side.. and botox has been on my list for the last couple of years.. however will need to wait till i have a job. haha!


  • Ahh you look so good! I really want botox in the future haha x

  • I'd love to have my lips done as mine are also wonky looking because of my teeth. I had Botox on my forehead in 2013, did you find you had a headache afterwards? I did! Didn't last long but was the only negative I found after having the procedure. So tempted to have it done again now!!

    • Ah I didn't have that problem but I hear it is a side effect 🙂 x

  • You look fantastic before and after – love love love the results you got with your lips. Looks amazing 🙂 x

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  • Hannah Adams

    You look amazing, I have been considering a lip augmentation for a good while now and I attended a clinic consultation but unfortunately the doctor didn't seem to want to give me the time of day so still on the hunt for a practitioner I'm comfortable with, I'm very glad I didn't just go to that doctor particularly because it's so important to find someone who will put you at ease. Glad to hear not all practitioners are like this!

    • Ah yes so important to find the best person for you, I'm so happy with James he is amazing 🙂

  • Liza you were stunning before and you're stunning after! Everyone thinks I'm mad for wanting Botox at 28, but I have really high cheek bones which I believe have caused bad smile lines around my eyes. The hubby said no but I'll keep asking until he says yes! What's the harm??

    You look fab doll 🙂 xx

    • Thankyou lovely, ah you have to do what makes you happy. I had a line between my eyes that alway bothered me which was my initial reason for botox and I've been so happy with the results x

  • You look incredible! Such a seemless result. I have just had Rhinoplasty (3 weeks ago) and now im looking to get my lips done, as those were the two areas ive been most concerned with for as long as I can remember, definitely think im more inclined to go ahead now i've read the pain is bareable!

  • What amazing results you have got. Your lips look fab, while still looking natural too. I have been thinking about Botox and Lip fillers for a while now but i am so scared of needles haha if it wasn't for that i would of done it already!!


  • Wow – extremely helpful and informative, thank you! I would love both botox and lip augmentation and have been discussing it with a couple of people. This has just convinced me to go for it. You look amazing!!

  • Looks gorgeous girl