My first ever Tiffany & Co pieces

Gosh guys it’s been a super busy and hectic couple of weeks, being in Dublin last week and then London this week for a trip with my mum, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going but here I am today,  finally and I’m sharing with you a couple of pieces I picked up whilst in London with my mum on Wednesday. I had been wanting to get myself a couple of jewellery pieces that I could wear all the time and have something that was pretty yet classic, I used to be such a jewellery fan and always had a new watch or bracelet to wear every day of the week when I was younger. I was a huge fan of changing the pendants on my necklace and I always remember a shoe pendant that I used to adore when I was a teen.
Nowadays I only wear my wedding rings, small diamond earrings and the odd necklace when I’m out and about so I decided it was time to get some pieces that I could wear all the time and I also thought it would be lovely treat too and a treat it was when my mum offered to buy them for me! Mums are the best aren’t they? They are even more special now and I’ll always remember the busy mother daughter day in London we had together when we got them.
The first piece I got was some Return to Tiffany mini heart tag earrings in sterling silver, it was a toss up between these and the Return to Tiffany circle stud earrings but after trying them both I preferred the hearts although I can see how the circles may be a little more wearable for some. The price of these are £120 which I think is a fair price for the quality and of course to have something by Tiffany which I think is a dream of every girl in the world right? The hearts just seem that tiny bit smaller which is what I was after as I’m so used to my little diamond studs. I love the Tiffany motif detail on the earrings and they are just going to be fabulous to wear on a day to day basis, something a little more fun, cute and the perfect first Tiffany purchase.
I then started looking for a necklace, I was after something quite delicate and something I can wear all the time and when I saw the Return to Tiffany Heart pendant I fell in love. This necklace has a pretty rose gold heart with a sterling silver chain, the heart isn’t actually made of rose gold but it has the same appearance and it is actually made of Rubedo. The duo colour really drew me in to this piece because I have platinum wedding rings and a rose gold eternity ring that I wear all the time, I thought this would compliment them well and it really does. Such an elegant yet simple piece, I’m truly smitten! This necklace was £285 for those wondering and I think again it’s a really great price for something so gorgeous, it is also available in sterling silver at a lower price so if you’d rather just the one colour then that could be an option.
What do you think of my first ever Tiffany & Co pieces? Have you anything from the designer brand, I’d love to know what if you do!

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