Instagram Round Up // Trip to London

I really love reading Instagram Round Up posts so thought I’d put my own together today sharing with you my most recent 6 Instagram posts. I have actually been really loving Instagram lately and if you are a follower of mine you may have noticed I have slightly changed the style in the way I upload my photos, they used to always have a white border around them and I’ve stopped that. I will say it was rather difficult making that transition, as an Instagram fan and a bit of a perfectionist it was rather odd to see my page change from lots of white borders around my images back to the original layout but I really love it! Anyway enough about the way my pictures are looking, let’s talk about what each image means!
On Wednesday mum and I took a trip to London, I have to admit I wasn’t actually looking forward to the trip after all of the recent events happening and after a 4.30am alarm and a two hour train trip we were in London and ready for a mother daughter day together. Our trip was actually because mum was booked in for her Brow top up at Tracie Giles, you may remember this post where I wrote about her 3D brow treatment she had done a few weeks ago now? Well it was time for the top up and I have to say they look absolutely fabulous, I shall pop an update up as soon as her brows are completely healed so you can see the full effect of the magic they create at Tracie Giles.
After a pretty long day whilst waiting for our train mum and I stopped off for a Starbucks a chin wag, during our chat mum said to me how she would have loved to have stayed in London for the night and gone back to a lovely swish hotel for a relaxing bubble bath and a pamper before heading off out to the theatre in the evening. I really wish we did get to stay because travelling up to London and back in the same day does take it’s toll on you especially with all the walking around and rushing about you have to do when you are there, I think next time we are going to stay and look for some cheap hotels in London to stay in. I would like to visit more often as I do get invited to a lot of blogger events, press launches and lunches so it would be really nice to try and make it to London at least once a month or every other month for these kinds of meetings.The last few images are just of me posing and you may also spot my Sony A5100 up there also which I have actually just sold, I am lusting for the Olympus Pen and I have a slight camera addiction so we shall see. I’ve been extra good this year so I’m hoping Santa has seen that!

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