Our Christmas Traditions

I’ll start by saying Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year, I look forward to it literally all year round and once all the Christmas adverts begin I know I can start to get excited and get planning. There’s something about Christmas that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, I have so many memories as a child being around all of my family and just having the most magical day and I really want to create amazing memories for Vinny as he grows up too. Today I have teamed up with Littlewoods to share with you a few Christmas traditions I had whilst growing up as a child and also let you in on a few new traditions I plan to carry on with little Vinny and of course bambino number 2. You really must check out the amazing Christmas range from Littlewoods this year, I have been browsing for hours now and have a list as long as my arm! 

Some of you may know that I am half Italian and as a child the whole family used to go to my Nanny and Nonos for Christmas day, we’d all get ready at home in the mornings and mum would have a new dress picked out for me to wear on the day. I always remember my cousins and I discussing for weeks beforehand about our Christmas day outfit and what we had planned down to the smallest details like hair bows and shoes, I actually miss those days and having a special outfit planned so I’m definitely going to make more of an effort this year and have a Christmas Day outfit picked for all of us.

Another memory I have as a child is having a huge 5 or 6 course meal on Christmas day, us Italians love our food so we’d have Italian starters, Italian and English mains along with Italian then English deserts… that’s not including all the extra snacks and chocolates we’d get throughout the day. All of the cousins would sit around a little table in the kitchen because there were too many adults at the main table so we wouldn’t all fit in the one room but we had a blast all sat together chatting about our gifts and calling out all the jokes from our Christmas crackers. I honestly don’t know how we all managed to fit through the door at the end of the night but wow we did look forward to a Christmas day meal and complete guilt free indulgence, these days it’s a three course meal and a fair few chocolates but I must admit the older I get the guiltier I get about all that food we eat but hey Christmas is for enjoying and I’m looking forward to having a huge feast again this year even if it’s not 6 courses!

A new tradition I plan to start with little Vinny is a Christmas Eve box, my mum always used to let me open one small gift on Christmas Eve and I always used to get so excited for this so I plan to create Vinny a box of fun Christmassy things like new Christmas pyjamas, a story, some little sweet treats and a new toy so he can enjoy that on Christmas Eve before all of his present opening the next day. I really want Christmas time to be a time he enjoys and looks forward to as much as I did as a child and still now, I also think we shall continue with the tradition of leaving Santa out some biscuits and milk, oh and of course a carrot or two for the reindeer’s! I remember my dad leaving a bear our for Santa when I was younger, tut tut and he told me Santa would come out of the radiator because we didn’t have a fire place! Luckily we have a fire place so I won’t have to confuse Vinny… even though I believed my dad for many, many years! 
Check out the amazing Christmas advert by Littlewoods featuring the gorgeous Mylene Klass, it’s a really magical advert and I’m now ready to get shopping! #MakeTheirChristmas
What traditions do you have as a family and are there any new ones you plan to begin this year? 

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