Foundation is actually one of my favourite products to purchase, I don’t know what it is but a new base product always just makes me happy. Did you know that foundation, as boring as it is to purchase for some actually comes in very handy and can be a multi purpose product? Yes that’s right and today I’m going to list 5 new ways you can use your foundation right away.

Tinted Moisturiser

Have a bunch of full cover foundations that you usually just keep for those special nights out but you actually rarely go out these days and feel like they are just being wasted? Have no fear we can put those to use by turning them into a tinted moisturiser, all you need to do is pop some foundation on your hand and add a small amount of moisturiser to dilute and create a gorgeous lightweight base (1 part foundation 2 parts moisturiser). Apply as normal and you will be left with gorgeous glowing skin that not only looks fab but is also super hydrated!


With Summer on it’s way we all want to get that glow right? All you need to do to create your own highlighter is add a pinch of loose pigment to your foundation, mix and apply to the tops of your cheek bones, cupids bow, brow bone and you’re good to go.
Tip: Use a light iridescent pigment for best results.


Yes girl you can use this as a concealer, you know that gloop you usually wipe away from the rim of the bottle? Well that stuff is amazing, it will match your skin perfectly and it’s also going to add that extra cover you need without having to reach for any other products. Grab a small concealer brush to grab the product and add to the areas you want to add a little more cover then buff in!


Something I always like to do is use foundation as a lip and eye primer, buff a little onto the lips before popping your lipstick on this will make application a lot easier and also sure that your lipstick stays true to colour and really pops! It also works the same way as an eyelid primer, pop a small amount onto the lids then set with a translucent powder before adding eyeshadows and this will make sure your shadows stand out and last all day.


Finally if you want to give your whole face an overall glow then mix the foundation with a pigment the same way you would to create the highlighter we spoke about earlier with the additional step of adding some moisturiser to thin the product out even more then apply to the whole face using a duo fibre brush for a soft and subtle glow.Have you ever used any of these tricks to customise your foundation?


Product Shots Olympus PEN E-PL7 with 45mm f/1.8 Lens

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