38 Weeks Pregnancy Update

38 weeks pregnant mamas and papas disney mad hatter alice in wonderland mamas and papas mamas and papas disney mad hatter

Hello my loves and welcome to another pregnancy update, this could even be my last (I secretly hope) I am now 38 weeks so have just 2-3 weeks to go if all goes well. I had my growth scan the other day and consultant appointment to discuss how baby is and what we will be doing if he doesnt arrive by his due date and I’m very excited to have a plan in place. I will be talking about this more in my new video which you can view here.

How far along? 38 weeks

Maternity clothes: I’ve been stuck in the same clothes for a few weeks now, sticking to my black H&M maternity skin jeans which are getting rather tight now but I refuse to buy anymore jeans because I only have a few weeks left. I did buy some more black camis… I have about 10 now! Baby boy has been sent some lovely items from Mamas & Papas as a gift which I had to show you, they are from the new Disney Alice in Wonderland collection and I’m so in love with each piece they are so much fun! I can’t wait to dress him up and show you the outfits properly.

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good, I can’t say I ever sleep through the night and with Vinny coming to visit us multiple times throughout the night our sleep is pretty broken up but don’t worry it doesn’t take me long to get back to sleep after waking thankfully.

Miss anything? I don’t really miss anything but I’m just looking forward to the future now, I haven’t really deprived myself of the ‘forbidden’ foods during pregnancy. Not that I eat many of them anyway but I have been having some salami when I fancy it and a pepperoni pizza here and there!

Movement: Lots of movement, although less than before I think that’s because he is a lot bigger now and running out of room. The baby does lots of different rolls and flips these days which I can really see when I watch my belly, I love watching him move although sometimes it does make me flinch a little as sometimes the kicks can be quite sharp up in my ribs or down below! Ouch!

Food cravings: No new cravings, as I’ve mentioned before I’m just enjoying all foods at the moment and with Easter I couldn’t not have some chocolate now could I?

Gender: Boy!

Labour signs: Nope although lots of Braxton hicks and lightening crotch.

Symptoms: I have had a really bad back lately and I’m also starting to get more pains down below, I think these pains are baby moving down even lower and getting into position because it’s right in that area and it can be quite uncomfortable sometimes and actually stop me with whatever I’m doing at the time. I’ve had many Braxton hicks which I didn’t really have with Vinny but this time round they have been way more frequent. I’m generally pretty exhausted by around 7pm at night and feel pretty lethargic, I’ve also noticed my ankles are becoming cankles… not cool!

Belly button in or out? Belly button is in, I don’t think it will pop out but belly button ring out.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time? I’m happy although a little fed up now, I know I still have a couple of weeks before my due date but I’m just so ready now and those few weeks seem like a lifetime away even though the whole pregnancy has flown.

Best moment this week: Seeing my baby boy at my 37 week growth scan, he is estimated to be 8.1lbs now which I’m not sure will be true because I don’t think they are very accurate when they tell you the weights via a scan but I’m still excited to meet him.

Looking forward to: Meeting baby boy, I hope he comes early… now would be nice!

How are you all and what are you most looking forward to this week?

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