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Still here guys, no baby just yet! I have had lots of lovely messages asking if baby is here yet or if I’ve had any signs and the answer to that is.. nope. I’m not too surprised to be honest, I always knew I’d go over and to be honest if I was allowed I’d probably get to the full 42 weeks without him being here but as I have mentioned before in videos and blog posts I will be getting induced if baby is not here by 41 weeks which is Thursday. The reason why my consultant has suggested to induce me is because of my previous cesarean, she doesn’t really want me to go much further than the 41 weeks due to risk of rupturing the scar and also baby boy is said to be quite large according to the scans although I still think he will be quite a normal size.

How do I feel about another induction? A little nervous to be honest, my first didn’t quite go to plan and ended in a cesarean. I think that is because I was induced due to high blood pressure and not because I was late so Vinny just wasn’t quite ready to come out. This time the reason I’m nervous is because when trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) they say less intervention is best to achieve a successful VBAC but if it’s something I have to do then it’s something I have to do. I have been pretty relaxed when it comes to the birth of this baby and I don’t really mind how he gets here as long as he is happy and safe. The reason why I didn’t just book a planned section was because I just wanted to see if I could do this on my own and also because I found the recovery quite hard when I had my first section. It’s definitely painful, I do think I would cope better this time knowing what to expect but it does also scare me a lot.

With regards to how I’m feeling at the moment, I feel OK. A little fed up now and ready to meet this little guy, I’m in quite a lot of discomfort with regards to my belly as it feels quite heavy now and my body just generally feels quite sensitive and sore at the moment so god only knows how I will feel once things get started and if all goes to plan. I say plan, there is no real plan baby boy will arrive as and when he likes and I deep down think it will be by another cesarean. I just don’t think my body is up for giving birth, it’s so bizarre but when you just know, you know and I am one of those mothers that I don’t think will get to experience labor naturally. I have been looking for every little sign, each and every day hoping that something will happen and I’ve tried all of the old wives tales and still nothing. I just believe baby will be here when he is ready.

Another thing with this induction that will be different to the last time is that they will only try one pessary, last time I had 3 then had my waters broken then was put onto a drip… so chances of going into labour after one pessary within the 24 hours are quite slim. I still have hope and that’s why I haven’t just said ‘screw it let’s just book a section’ because even if I do go into labor and it ends in a section like the last time I don’t really mind I’m just so excited to go through it all again and experience it…. I sound mad I know!

I’d love to hear your experiences if you’ve been through similar in the past, it won’t be much longer now and we can all finally say hello to the little man!


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  • Simi

    Hi Liza, I was induced with my son due to bleeding and I had propess, membranes ruptured and oxytocin then the birth all detailed on my blog here http://www.whiitelist.com/2016/01/the-journey-to-meeting-chance.html?m=1 and in the end I couldn’t remember a thing as it was all okay, as I’m sure it will be for you xx

    • lizaprideaux

      Thankyou I shall check the post out for sure x

  • Hi Liza, I just had a vbac baby girl last Sunday at 40 + 4 weighing 8 lbs 14. I was induced on my first at 40 + 13 (although I believe I was only 40 + 7) with just 1 gel which started contractions, I then laboured for 16 hours eventually with a drip to strengthen the contractions and ended up with a section due to failure to progress.

    I was really hoping for a vbac this time round and did a lot of preparation and research on it. I would really question why you are being induced at 41 weeks, normal term is anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks and as long as both you and baby are healthy there should be no reason to induce before 42 weeks, even at that point there are mothers (although a lot less) who still refuse induction at 42 weeks and go on to have healthy baby’s at 42 and 43 weeks. I had stated in my birth preferences that I was not willing to discuss or schedule any induction or c sections until 42 as long as baby and I were well. My consultant had no problem with this and to be honest I would not have let them induce me even at 42 weeks if we were both still ok. The fact that we had a previous section does not impact the length of time that pregnancy is safe. I’d really urge you to done some research on this for yourself if you really want a vbac birth.

    The other thing I did was hire a doula, she was absolutely amazing and provided brilliant support to both me and my Husband. Doulas can help provide the most up to date information independent of hospital protocols or preferences to allow you to make informed decisions about your care.

    I hope some of this info helps and you get your vbac, best of luck! Feel free to give me a shout if you’ve any questions xxx

    • lizaprideaux

      Thankyou, the hospital that I’m based at would prefer I don’t go past 41 weeks so we are just going with what we’ve been advised. I’ve heard Doulas are great, thanks for the advice lovely x

  • Becky

    Best of luck for your induction! You must have the patience of a saint to still sound so lovely about baby arriving late! My little miss arrived five days before her due date and I was just so happy not to go over! It does get a little frustrating towards the end doesn’t it! You obviously create such a comfy little place for your babies that they just don’t want to come out on time!
    Good luck lovely, I’m sure you will be absolutely fine – or as fine as labour can be! Lets hope your little man arrives soon! Looking forward to seeing pictures and the birth announcement on your social media pages!
    Lots of love, Becky xo

    • lizaprideaux

      Thankyou so much, feeling a little impatient now but just a few days left x

  • All the luck to you Liza, I know how it feels to go so overdue, I didn’t have Harry until the full 42 weeks!! I was lucky as I went into labour a few hours before I was due to be induced! Lots of love, I can’t wait to hear your great news xx

    • lizaprideaux

      Thankyou so much Lucie x

  • Best luck with everything! Everything will go as it has to go at the end and it’s the prize (little prince) that matters 🙂 I can only imagine your frustration, just keep your eyes on the prize 🙂 Sending you and the family lots of good vibes! Can’t wait to see the little one here on the blog 🙂

    • lizaprideaux

      Thankyou so much! x

  • Melissa

    Reading this reminds me so much of my first pregnancy. I was induced too due to high blood pressure in the last week of pregnancy and ended up with an emergency c section. Had high BP for 8 months after.
    My sons nearly 2 now and I’m still too frightened to contemplate having another in case the same thing happens.
    Delighted to hear you had a vbac and congratulations on your son, I love reading positive stories especially when someone was in a similar position to me.

    • lizaprideaux

      Aw thankyou so much hun! x