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My hair is something I’ve struggled with from a young age, when I was younger I had uber curly hair and it was also super long. My mum used to plait it when I went to school and that’s pretty much how I had it for years until I could do it myself then it ended up being in a bun a majority of the time because I just couldn’t find the products to tame it. Luckily since leaving school, training up as a hairdresser and since entering the beauty blogging world I have found quite a few products to help me with my hair journey and I have some staple products that I now use all the time so I thought it was about time I share those with you and talk you through my faves. The current condition of my hair is great, I had it cut into a lob last summer and it’s the best thing I did.


When I’m in the salon having gym hair coloured I have a treatment called Olaplex, this is a 3 step treatment and you actually do the third step at home by using the Olaplex No.3 hair perfector. This is a pre wash treatment that you apply to damp hair for 10 minutes or so before washing and conditioning the hair. Olaplex has really transformed the condition of my hair and if there is one thing I’d definitely recommend trying out of all the products I’m going to mention today it’s this. My hair has never felt better, Olaplex repairs broken bonds that have been damaged by the process of colouring the hair and let me tell you I’ve had my hair coloured a fair few times so this has been perfect for me.

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner I tend to use anything really. I’ve used drugstore and high-end shampoo and conditioners and my current favourites are by Neal & Wolf, I was kindly sent the new Harmony shampoo and conditioning treatment around Christmas time and once I finished the original N&W Ritual shampoo and conditioner I moved onto these which have been working wonderfully. It’s quite an intense duo which has been created to repair damaged hair, the texture of the two products are quite thick but they do lather up nicely and leave my hair smelling gorgeous and clean.

The last thing I use when washing my hair is something I’ve used for around 8 or 9 years now on and off and that is the L’Oreal Professional Silver shampoo. This shampoo is the best silver shampoo out there and I have tried a few in the past, it’s a very dark purple which looks rather daunting but trust me it works a dream. I always come back to this and it’s just perfect for getting rid of any brassy tones on blonde hair so if you are a blonde and feel that your hair is looking a little dull then definitely give this a whirl, it’s fab!


I had been going through a bit of a phase where straightened my hair every time I washed it which is twice a week but recently I have really been enjoying wearing my hair more naturally and wavy. I wont say it’s completely curly these days, well not like it used to be when I was younger however Olaplex has definitely restored the curl somewhat which is great. A few products I like to used when styling my hair wavy or curly are all by Bumble and Bumble, I’m obsessed with this hair care brand it’s amazing and I get all of my BB products from the salon I go to Steven & Laurent. Regardless of when I have my hair straight or curly I always start by using the Invisible Oil Primer, this is like a leave in conditioner, detangler and heat protector in one. It’s perfect for dry, coarse or brittle hair and can be used on dry or wet locks, I use it on my hair when it’s wet and pre styling which works perfectly for me and ensures I can get a brush through my knotty hair.

I then opt for a couple of other BB products, I start off by applying a generous amount of the new Don’t Blow It styling cream. This is a styling product that has been created for those that want to just wash and go basically, no heat styling required. I never diffuse my hair anymore, I just let it dry naturally so this is ideal for my hair and for what I require. I will say you need quite a lot of product so it may not last uber long but I still have the original tube left as I only leave it curly once a week so it’s lasted me quite well. I’d definitely recommend it if you want to embrace your natural hair and give your hair a break from heat styling. After I’ve applied this thoroughly throughout my hair I spritz on some Surf Infusion spray which just adds a little texture to my hair without making it feel to gritty or heavy. This is a salt-in-oil product which is really interesting and very different to other sea salt products on the market, the oil adds that extra shine and keeps waves soft and beachy.


When I want to achieve smooth, sleek locks I use the same shampoo and conditioners that I use when having curly hair and I also use the same BB Primer to detangle. In fact not much changes apart from the last product I apply to my hair which is the Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry Balm, this is a hero product for me. In fact all of the Blow Dry creams created by Bumble are fab, I’ve tried them all! I love the Straight blow dry cream because it really does help to tame my hair when I blow dry it, I only blow dry with a paddle brush so in the past I’ve ended up looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter but since using this I barely need to go over my hair with the straighteners anymore. It leaves my hair very sleek and smooth, you need very little product which I found out the hard way one day, if you use too much you will end up with greasy hair so I just apply a small amount to the mid lengths and ends then just blow dry as usual. It’s a fantastic product for those that struggle achieving smooth, frizz free hair so if you need something to help you then try this.


I tend to steer away from applying too many products after I’ve styled my hair, mainly because I like my hair to last as long as it can before needing to wash and style again… I’m rather lazy when it comes to my hair so I less is more. The only product I tend to apply after styling is the Bumble and Bumble Brillatine cream, this is a product that I haven’t seen spoken about much in the blogging world but it’s a fab product and is ideal to add texture, separation, sheen and moisture so ideal for wavy and straight days. It’s a lightweight cream that melts into the hands and just adds that extra polish and slept-in very sexy kind of look.

So there you have it, my current hair care routine from salon to home styling! I’d love to know what your favourite hair care products and brands are, list them in the comments below!

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