Body oils seem to be really popular this year and with a number of brands bringing out their own versions of shimmering goodness I’ve decided to share with you my top three. There are a number of different types of body oils that have launched on the shelves this summer including tanning products and now these gorgeous shimmer and bronzing oils, this is the first year I’ve tried anything like this and I’m really loving them all. Body oils are great for adding a gorgeous glow to the skin that glistens in the sunshine, perfect for holidays and for emphasising a golden tan. They can also be used on the hair and some as a perfume too, these all have beautiful fragrances each very different to one another so let’s get started and I will talk you through each oil and why I love them.

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil £12.99 

This is the first shimmering body oil I was introduced to this year and I was actually lucky enough to attend the launch of this product in London. I got to watch a demo by Joyce Bonelli at the Golden Goddess masterclass on how to use it and I have to say this is definitely my favourite with regards to how much shimmer you get for your money, this is the cheapest oil of them all and my oh my does it deliver. As you can see by the swatches this is the most golden of them all and the glitter particles are packed in, once applied to the skin you get a beautiful golden glow. You can use this on top of your usual self tanner or alone and it also works beautifully as a highlighter, I like to pop some on the tops of my cheekbones, down the nose and on my cupids bow it’s very pretty. I love the fact that this has a pump so it’s super easy to dispense and it also has a gorgeous slightly floral fragrance, if you are familiar with the Cocoa Brown scent then you will already know the fragrance I mean but wow I just love it. Definitely one to purchase if you need full on shimmer in your life.

Too Faced Royal Oil Coconut Bronzing Oil £32.00

Now if you are after an oil that will give you a gorgeous glow and add a bit of colour then this one is for you. The Too Faced Royal Oil is infused with nourishing Coconut Oil and Mangosteen fruit which really hydrates the skin. I found out of all of the oils this is the most moisturising and it’s also the thickest product, it does leave a slightly balmy feel on the skin which I assume is the Coconut Oil and I did worry that it would transfer onto my clothes but so far after using it a number of times it hasn’t which is great. I love that this gives your skin a bit of colour too and I think it would work for most skin tones, it works best when applied in thin layers and with a mitt as I think that using this method helps the oil absorb into the skin evenly and also helps to create a streak free bronzed glow. Very gorgeous and the coconut scent reminds me of being on holiday, oh how I wish I was jetting off somewhere hot right now!

Rosie for Autograph Shimmer Body Oil £15.00 

The most delicate of the three and one for those that just want to add a sheer glisten to the skin, as you can see from the swatches this is more ‘oil’ like and has very fine glitter particles in it. It’s definitely one you could get away with on a daily basis if you wanted too as it’s quite sheer and illuminates the skin beautifully. The glass packaging is simply stunning with a pretty floral design and it’s definitely my favourite of them all however you do need to pour the product out which is a bit of a shame, I’d prefer if it had a pump but other than that it’s gorgeous. This super pretty oil also works as a fragrance, it’s a part of Rosie’s Summer Rose fragrance collection and was inspired by Rosie’s Thailand adventures so as you can imagine it smells very exotic it has notes of Phuang Malai – the Thai jasmine flower garland, simply stunning! Read more about Rosie for Autograph products in my review here. 

Have you tried many shimmering body oils before? I’d love to know your favourites and if you are going to be giving any of these a try!

Features PR Samples unless otherwise stated. To read my full disclaimer, click here.

Features PR Samples unless otherwise stated. To read my full disclaimer, click here.