A Little Update

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You may have noticed that the site has been down for a few days, the longest in my blogging life in fact which has been so difficult but much needed. A couple of weeks ago I ran a poll on Twitter about a few things to do with my blog, from the poll I found out that many readers found the site very difficult to navigate and many of you seemed to have issues commenting which made complete sense to me as I had noticed a lack of comments since the redesign. This instantly made me feel so upset, not because of the struggles because I knew it was something I was going to fix but mainly because this blog has been a working progress since December. There have been many sleepless nights, tears and meltdowns over this little space on the internet. This is my little space on the internet that I am proud to have built up so to have been a part of making it hard for my readers to come and relax made me feel very sad.

In December I wanted to launch my ‘new look’ blog along with new branding and design, unfortunately there were a few hiccups and it didn’t launch until quite some time later. I was very happy with the design but unfortunately there were just too many issues occurring for my lovely readers and this was not something I wanted to continue with so here we are today. A fresh new layout that is much easier to navigate and hopefully much more user friendly. I really hope you enjoy the new design and if you ever have any issues with the site please do let me know, even if you think it’s a minor issue I want to know so I can rectify it as soon as possible. You are all so important to me as is my website .

Thankyou so much for your patience and continued support over the last few months, here is to a smooth Summer and lots of exciting new posts and features!

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