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Confidence is something I’ve always struggled with as a child, teen and adult. I’ve been through many different journeys in my life and confidence has been a huge factor that has held me back in the past, it’s held me back in a number of ways for example; making new friends, going out and more importantly just saying ‘Yes’. That being said over the past few years my confidence has grown and I want to share with you a few of the things that have helped me with that and if you struggle with confidence I hope these help you also. 


Makeup and beauty is a huge part of my confidence, when I look my best I’m feeling my best and I’m always ten times more confident. It’s the little things I like to focus on that makes a difference in the way I’m feeling like having my tan on or a slick of lipstick and a bright smile. Dental hygiene has always been important to me, I had braces when I was younger and since then I’ve always I got a lot of compliments on my smile so making sure it’s as white as it can be makes me feel really good. Having a white smile also means that I don’t have to worry about certain lipsticks making my teeth look yellow or dark, in the past certain colours just didn’t suit me but when my smile is white I can wear most shades which is just great! My favourite toothpaste to use is the Colgate Expert White and you may remember me talking about Colgate toothpaste in the past in some of my older videos on my teeth whitening routine. I’ve been using this brand for years, it’s always helped to maintain my healthy white smile and that is just so important when it comes to my confidence. TIP: Grab a Colgate Expert White toothpaste to try out and show off that dazzling smile with confidence.


Think positive thoughts, life is too short and you’ve got to make the best of it. I really love to look up positive quotes when I’m feeling down I also like to look through old photos of happy memories and reminisce. TIP: Pop onto Pinterest and type in ‘Positive quotes’, there will always be something there to make you smile.


As soon as I wake up if I know I’m not really feeling my best then I like to get ready listening to my favourite music. I go through playlists I’ve made on my phone and I have a specific one for when I’m feeling a little low in confidence or just generally a little down. These songs really help to uplift my mood and therefore makes me feel happier and more confidence to get on with my day, I notice I’m more chirpy and even walk or strut in a different way. My favourite artist for this playlist is Beyonce, she is the epitome of confidence and I always have to have a little boogie to some of her songs before I’m off out. Who run the world? GIRLS!  TIP: Make your HAPPY playlist now!


Since focusing on things I’m actually good at and forgetting about the things I dislike about myself I’ve become a more confident person. My blog is something I’m really proud of and it’s become a talking point for me when I’m speaking to new people, because my passion for my  blog is so big I think that really comes across to people when I’m talking about it and I feel fully confident when speaking to new people which is something I really struggled with in the past. TIP: If you struggle talking to new people or even friends and family try talking about something you love and enjoy, this will really come across in a positive way to the person you are talking to and will kick start a great conversation with them don’t be afraid to compliment yourself after all this is something you love and you are good at.


My posture has never been great and when I’m not feeling my most confident I tend to slouch, keep my head down and avoid making any eye contact with people. When I change all of this, stand up straight, hold my head up high and make eye contact it really helps to make me appear more confident and it actually gives me more confidence. TIP: Stand up tall, don’t fidget and pick a stance, make and maintain eye contact and hold your head up high. This is going to make you more approachable and people will find it easier to talk to you. 

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