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There hasn’t been much time for beauty in my household lately, we’ve been enjoying life as a family of four and adjusting to that has been pretty easy if I do say so myself. Don’t get me wrong, it is much more difficult having two children… well a toddler and a newborn but we’ve managed to adjust pretty well. That being said I thought I’d share with you my current lifestyle and baby favourites as there have been a few things we have been loving lately and well.. it would be rude not to share!


We haven’t had much time for TV lately but when we do grab a spare hour here and there we’ve been loving Netflix. I’m so excited to be able to share with you that we are now a part of the Netflix Stream Team which is uber exciting, we’ve had Netflix for about a year now and to be honest I can’t remember what we used to watch before that now. Vinny adores Netflix as do Mark and I, it’s just so fab for watching family movies when you want. Our current favourite movies are The Muppets Most Wanted, Bee Movie and Madagascar 3! All such fab films, The Muppets has some great tunes let me tell you. I really didn’t think I’d enjoy that film as much as I do, we’ve probably seen it about 20 times now no joke!

Another lifestyle love has been the Dyson Humidifier, it’s been rather hot lately so we’ve been using this as a fan. I love that it’s a multi use product and the fan is just fabulous. This not only looks pretty swish in our living room but it keeps the room very cool, it feels a bit like air conditioning minus the fact that air-conditioning can really dry the skin out. So obsessed with this, you can read a full review here.

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Next up are a few baby favourites, a lot has changed since I last updated you all on little Renzo. I’m no longer breastfeeding due to getting mastitis and I was concerned Renzo wasn’t getting enough milk so we switched to formula feeding. I’m fine with the fact that we switched as I now know what he is getting and he is feeding really well. This time round we are loving the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep, Oh gosh gone are the days where we’d spend a good hour prepping and sorting out bottles, heating bottles with a screaming baby and just general faffing around. The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep makes bottles up within two minutes at the perfect temperature for little one, you can choose how many oz you want and it’s just super speedy to use. Perfect for those middle of the night feeds let me tell you! 

I have also recently become a Snuz Momma and I’m rather excited about this! If you follow me on Twitter you may remember me talking about how Renzo had been growing out of his moses basket already and I was on the look out for something bigger for him as he grows. Many of you recommended SnuzPod and I’m so glad you did because we recently received ours and I’m so happy. It’s been amazing and Renzo has transitioned from the Moses basket to the SnuzPod so well, he has slept great and I feel better knowing he has more room. I will be writing a full review on this in the future but for now if you want to grab one of your little one then here is a 10% discount code for you SNUZLIZA10, there are new colours that have just become available also. We have the new shade Putty which works really well in our home and matches our bed, the other new shades are called Sherbet and Blush both gorgeous!

What have been your lifestyle or baby favourites this month?

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