How To Take Brighter Photos For Your Blog

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I’m obsessed with bright, well-lit photographs. Whenever I scroll through Bloglovin (follow me here) the first thing that makes me want to click on a post is usually imagery. A bright crisp photograph always makes me want to read more and it always inspires me to snap the box of products shoved away in my room too! I have had a few years of editing experience now and it’s actually something I really enjoy although it’s not all complicated and in fact I have just a few simple steps that I take to create nice bright images.

First of all I’d highly recommend using natural light. I used to take a lot of images during the evening with soft box lighting but my images just weren’t coming out bright enough and giving me that dreamy fresh image I was looking for. I like to take my photos in the morning or mid day, the morning creates brighter and whiter photos and during the afternoon a slightly warmer light.

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No joke this is something I have only just found out about in the past year or so, I had been using my Canon 70D to take photos but never realised that I could up the brightness in the settings. This has changed my life with photography and filming. If I’m ever in a dull room with minimal natural light I up the brightness a couple of notches and I’m good to go! The final image may still not be perfect but it definitely helps when it comes to editing it further down the line.

ISO settings are another thing to look out for, the less light you have the higher the ISO should be and the more light you have the lower it should be. Also look into shutter speeds and Aperture f-stop, I’m not quite the photography wizard so I probably wouldn’t be able to explain it properly but a quick google search will definitely help you out.

A few things I like to do when editing in Photoshop are to up the brightness in the adjustments section. I also like to use curves to do this and often adjust the levels too, these are all great for adding some light and also changing up the darkness in a photo too.

Finally on Photoshop I like to play around with the selective colour too. I always click on the white and make that whiter, take the yellow tones out of it and add more of a blue/purple. My photos don’t end up blue as I only adjust it slightly but it does make them a lot brighter, and it also gets rid of that yellow hue images can get when taken in the wrong lighting. Also if you find when doing this it tends to make the blacks in your photo look more grey or washed out then make sure you up the blacks in the photo. By upping the blacks you can also create more contrast and create a nice crisp image.

Need to make the whites in your Instagram images brighter and whiter? I use the Facetune app to do this and click on the little Whiten tool which is there for whitening teeth! It works a treat at brightening up photos and it’s super easy to use too.

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