How To Create a Child Friendly Garden

little tikes water table little tikes table little tikes garden toys When we moved into our home the one space we were a little unsure about was the garden. This originally had a pond and was filled with many plants, trees and lots of gravel. It was more of an adult garden, the previous owners took great pride in their garden and it would have been perfect for those that love to get stuck in. Having Vinny at the time meant that we needed to do something about making it more child friendly for him but on a low-budget. Today I just want to share with you a few of the things we did to create this fun, safe space for Vinny and Renzo. It’s not perfect but it definitely works for us right now and I’m sure it will for a few years, I do have some more plans for this garden which is going to be very exciting so watch this space!

fun garden As I mentioned there was a lot of gravel and rocks in this garden previously. There was no flat grassed area at all, our garden has three levels to it which meant that we either needed to pay to have the whole garden flattened and turfed or the other option was to level out one area for the boys and make that a nice space for them. We opted for the latter option just because it was going to cost a huge amount to level out the garden completely, we are talking thousands and thousands which I wasn’t prepared to pay out considering we have not long had our kitchen and bathroom done.

little tikes slide So what did we do to create a perfect child friendly space? We levelled out the middle part of the garden and had turf laid. We also had a fence built for safety around the grassed area, and added a gate. We had to add the fence because otherwise the boys could have really hurt themselves by jumping off the edge to the lower level of the garden so we had to make sure it was safe and I could feel at ease whilst they play in their mini garden. I really like the fact that the rest of the garden is still nice for the adults (see more here), still having our own place to sit and chill and the boys now have their own area where they can play.

What’s a fun kids garden without toys though right? We’ve added some great toys by Little Tikes and a nice seating area for them which works really well in the space we have. I really love the Picnic Table, we went for the Large size just so it would last as long as possible and it’s perfect for indoor use too which is ideal. Vinny really enjoys having his lunch at this table, and I love that it’s super easy to clean too.

Currently the toys we have are most suited to Vinny but as Renzo grows I’m sure he will love them as much as Vinny does. We got Vinny a Giant Slide because he is quite the daredevil and slides are his favourite thing to go on when he goes to the park. I chose this in the green and yellow shade but there are other colours to choose from, I just love how it matches his picnic table and it all looks fab together. The slide is also easy to store as it folds up too which is fantastic.

water table Finally we got the boys a water table, I thought it was important that they had something they could enjoy some fun imaginative play. Vinny is at that age where he makes voices for his little action figures and animal toys that he has and he absolutely loves playing with this Fish ‘N’ Splash water table. Vinny has become quite the little fisherman and loves catching the fish with the fishing rod included, it’s so cute!

Vinny absolutely loves his new-found freedom in the garden and I feel so pleased that he can have that extra space and playtime especially as the sun has been shining lately. I can’t wait for Renzo to be able to enjoy it all too, it will be so lovely to watch them play together and really interact.

How have you made your garden child friendly, and did you have a difficult space to deal with too?

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