I Got Braces | The Before

adult bracesIf you keep up with my YouTube channel you will know by now that I got braces recently. I posted a video all about why I wanted them which you can watch here. Today I just wanted to put into words how my first week has gone and my experience so far. I had braces when I was a teen, I stupidly didn’t wear my retainers which resulted in my teeth becoming crooked again.

Since having the boys I noticed how bad my teeth had got. They have moved a considerable amount in the past 3 years alone so after a lot of wishing, dreaming and thinking about things I decided to finally take the plunge and get braces again. I originally wanted Invisalign but after a few consultations I realised that the procedure was going to take a lot longer than I had hoped. I also thought about the fact that I’m not the most disciplined person and wearing them for at least 22 hours a day probably wouldn’t happen. I’d end up making excuses not to wear them and the whole thing would take months longer than I wanted.

For that reason I decided to get fixed braces from i-fab. These are clear fixed braces also known as Quick Straight Teeth. This is basically a 6 month smile system which will straighten my teeth in hopefully 6 months or less. As you can see in my before pictures I have a couple of crooked teeth on the top and bottom and this system is going to be perfect for correcting my smile.

before braces
The brackets and elastics are clear and the wire is white so it’s barely noticeable which is great. When I had them fitted it wasn’t too uncomfortable, a little fiddly on my bottom teeth as they are rather crooked but apart from that it was fine. That evening I was fine, I didn’t really eat anything as I was too worried and to be honest even a week later I still have limited my food intake a lot.

On day two I noticed an elastic had come off so I just called the practice and popped in to have it put back on. They ended up using a wire instead as the elastic wouldn’t stay put very easily due to the tooth being in an awkward position but it looks fine you can barely notice it.

adult bracesMy week so far has been OK. I’ve been quite miserable in myself due to the braces making my teeth quite sore and ache. I’m putting my bad mood down to the fact that I’m slightly hangry and could do with eating a burger… instead of soup or soft mushy foods. Soft mushy foods are a must though when you first get braces, I really can’t remember how it felt when I got braces as a teen but man it’s sore now. I’m told as the weeks go on it will get easier and I’m sure as I get braver I will be able to eat nicer foods but for now I shall stick to jelly, soup, and drinking my tea through a straw.

If you’d like to hear more about the braces going on and more about my week check out my latest YouTube video here. Since posting this video the pain has reduced considerably and I’ve been able to eat nicer foods which is nice.

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  • Allure La Vie

    This is so helpful. I am getting a brace fitted in the next couple of months. I am so scared about the pain, but maybe it will kickstart my diet hahaha. Xx

    • Ha yes this is what I thought, on about day 4 I was brave enough to give some harder foods a go and since then I’ve been good…. may have had a sneaky fish n chips yesterday oops! So much for my diet!

  • Claudia

    I really want to get my teeth straightened again and wondered about adult braces. These look amazing, I can’t even see them! I had braces at school but I hated my retainer so after a couple of years my teeth moved back 🙁 Definitely need to look into this, you look amazing xx

    • Thanks Claudia, it’s a huge decision to make but I’m so excited to see results now x

  • I can hardly see your braces which is great (I would want mine white too!)

    Abigail Alice x

  • Chantelle

    I feel your pain! I had 6 month smiles a couple of years ago and it was so painful to eat but it honestly does get a lot easier! Just think of the end result <3 xx

  • Braces are so great, but they can also be a total pain. I had them in high school for about 3 years. I definitely got used to having them and they didn’t irritate my mouth so much after the first few weeks, but the excitement and relief of getting them off is unparalleled. I hope these get more comfortable for you soon and I can’t wait to see the end result!

  • Lucy

    Wow, they do look amazing, you can barely even see them. The technology has definitely come on a lot since the days when I had a mouth full of metal as a teenager.
    I’ll be following your journey with interest, as I really really want adult braces. I’m another one who had years of orthodontic treatment, only to stop wearing my retainer, and have two wisdom teeth come through and send them all wonky again. It’s something I hope to get started with in the next year or so. Although I have to confess that all your talk of pain has brought it all back, I hope it all settled down soon and your get used to them… until they next need tightening and the pain starts all over again! x

    • lizaprideaux

      Hehe! They have settled down a lot I feel so much better now which is great and the tightening didn’t go too bad thankfully 🙂

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