How To Keep Kids Entertained Whilst Travelling

Disney Life App Disney Life AppDisney Life AppIt’s no secret, travelling with children can be rather stressful at times. Whether you have a baby who hates his car seat (Hello Renzo) or you have a child who is rather impatient (Oh Hi Vinny) finding the best solution to keep all kids calm and relaxed is a must. Today I’m going to share with you some amazing information about our latest travel obsession that has made our car journeys so much easier. We have a few trips planned over the Summer and those all include long car journeys so this is what we shall be using…. The DisneyLife App!

Disney Life App[df_divider_text title=”All of Your Children’s favourite Disney Characters In One Place! ” title_align=”separator_align_center” el_width=”100″ style=”solid” accent_color=”#EEEEEE” padding=”20px 0″ position=”align_center” el_class=”” border_t_width=”2px”]

When we depart for any car journey Vinny insists he needs all of his action figures, DVDs, books and cars. When you’ve got a baby in one hand, car keys in the other, a bag on your shoulder and a toddler clinging onto your cardigan, toys are the last thing on your mind. I now say to Vinny, ‘How many would you like to take today?’ He always laughs at me thinking he is going to take his whole toy box but this time it’s mummy doing the laughing because I can get his favourite Disney characters in one place and that’s on the iPad! So much easier, fuss free and Renzo loves the music too.

The DisneyLife App is absolutely perfect for travelling, no need for a million and one books, DVDs and CDS. I always let Vinny take his absolute favourite and then the rest come along with him on the app, his favourite characters can all come on holiday with us which is rather exciting for Vinny. This makes packing a whole lot easier, we travel a lot lighter these days. Before we set off I usually download a bunch of Vinnys favourite films, series and songs and these keep him occupied the whole way.

Disney Life App[df_divider_text title=”Vinnys Travel Playlist ” title_align=”separator_align_center” el_width=”100″ style=”solid” accent_color=”#EEEEEE” padding=”20px 0″ position=”align_center” el_class=”” border_t_width=”2px”]

  • Toy Story
  • Toy Story 2
  • Toy Story 3 I think he likes Toy Story…
  • The Jungle Book
  • Cars
  • Finding Nemo
  • Lava from the Pixar Mini Movies Section
  • Party Saurus Rex… That’s the one we like to play when we are “almost there!”
  • Up
  • Jack-Jack Attack, another Mini Movie

[df_divider_text title=”Time For A Story” title_align=”separator_align_center” el_width=”100″ style=”solid” accent_color=”#EEEEEE” padding=”20px 0″ position=”align_center” el_class=”” border_t_width=”2px”]

The fun doesn’t stop there, this app has many features. We have a routine every bedtime and when we are away on our holidays this doesn’t really change too much, it’s always bath, story then bed. When you are travelling and trying to pack light then bringing a tonne of books isn’t really ideal so we use the DisneyLife App for this too! Vinny has a long list of stories he wants to hear usually and the app has a huge selection. Luckily you can either choose to read the stories yourself or choose a story from the Storytellers section which is what I usually opt for if I have Renzo in my arms.

So there you have it. Our secret to keeping the kids entertained whilst travelling, Vinny adores the movies, and short stories. Renzo enjoys the amazing Disney soundtracks, as do I! There really is something on here for the whole family, Mark has been enjoying the Marvel kid’s TV Shows and of course I adore the princess movies. Hey I am outnumbered by boys so I can watch princess movies if I want, and when I want to right?! 

[df_divider_text_link title=”Have you downloaded the DisneyLife App yet?” el_width=”100″ style=”solid” height=”1px” accent_color=”#EEEEEE” border_t_width=”2px” padding=”20px 0″ position=”align_center” el_class=”” url_link=”” target_link=”_blank” title_link=”” text_link=”Click here to read more about Disney Life” link_el_class=”” ] This post was created in partnership with DisneyLife who have provided me with a free 12 month DisneyLife membership.

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  • Fantastic post Liza. I totally agree wth you, Disney Life is amazing in general and especially for travelling. I love that our little ones are in to the same magical films we were as children! Beautiful photos by the way. xx

    • Thankyou, ah I know. I love watching the movies too it brings back so many memories x

  • Hayley McLean

    Yes!!! Disney Life was our saviour on the cruise, we obviously didnt have internet connection for the ipad onboard so I used Disney Life to download some movies and episodes of his favourite shows for him to watch when he was bored, and it was just a godsend! Beautiful photos lovely 🙂 xx

    • It’s really great isn’t it. I love that you can download movies, so much easier and perfect for being on the go and travelling x

  • Kerryy

    Fab tips! Totally getting this app for our honeymoon in October to keep Siena occupied!! xx

  • caroline

    This is a great post Liza and so so true! lol
    What a great idea. We currently have a dvd player on the headrest and have to swap dvds from Toy Story to


    • Ah this would be perfect for you then, saves lugging around everything doesn’t it x

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