Foundations for those with a Yellow Undertone

foundations with yellow undertoneWhen I was a teen I didn’t really get that you could buy foundations with different undertones. I just thought you picked a foundation by how light or how dark it needed it to be to match your skin and that was it. In my case I used to go way too dark leaving me with that classic ‘tide line’ and an orange face which isn’t the best to look back on when scrolling through old school photos.

However over the years as I’ve learnt more about makeup I have found many foundations that work for me and not just basing it off if it’s ‘light or dark enough’. I’m talking about undertones and what undertones work for me, I used to go for undertones that were too pink for my skin which really didnt work with my freshly self tanned complexion. Instead I opt for more yellow toned foundations these days and today I wanted to share with you a few foundations I have found and loved over the years.

foundations with yellow undertone

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MAC Studio Fix Fluid (buy here) – One of my first ever yellow based foundations. Although not my first high end foundation it was pretty close, I believe this was my second ever high end foundations and it’s stuck with me ever since. MAC has a huge shade range of foundations, I have always used Studio Fix Fluid for a flawless full cover look. The NC colour range are all yellow based so if you are looking for yellow toned foundations from MAC then always look for shades starting with NC. I am NC25 although in the past in my excessive self tanning days I used to be NC35! CRAY.

Illamasqua Skin Base (buy here) – Now this is a brand I discovered during an online sale. I remember reading through some blogger Twitter chats and found out that Illamasqua were having a 50% off sale so I checked out the website and ordered this foundation. It has been another staple foundation for me ever since and I have repurchased it twice. This is a full coverage foundation with a satin finish, it’s perfect for weddings as it doesn’t have any SPF so you don’t get that flashback in photos. Again Illamasqua have a huge range of foundations and on their site they have a really handy guide that tells you what foundation you are comparing to MAC shades which is fab and I found it really helpful when choosing my shade.

foundations with yellow undertone

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Bourjois Healthy Mix (buy here) – This is a budget beauty that I have purchased over and over again. Bourjois is my favourite brand for foundations from the high street, although they don’t have massive shade range they do have a fab selection of yellow toned foundations. I like the Healthy Mix Gel Serum for more of a natural every day base and the Healthy Mix Foundation for more of an evening, full glam kind of look. As you can tell I love the Healthy Mix range the most from Bourjois but they do have alot of other foundations and finishes that also come in yellow tones too.

L’Oreal True Match (buy here) – OK so over the years I think I have seen the L’Oreal True Match packaging and shades change alot, I have the original shade and packaging I believe and my shade is W4 when tanned. When it comes to high street foundations this is amazing, there are so many shades in the range I believe 33 which is insane and there are alot of yellow tones within that range. L’Oreal have just had a bit of a relaunch of the True Match range and they really pride themselves on their huge shade range and their latest campaign really shows that whatever your skin tone, there is a perfect foundation shade out there for everyone.

There are a few other brands that I use such as Nars and Benefit which also have yellow tones but the ones mentioned today are my ride or die. I’m yet to try Bobbi Brown but they also have a massive selection of yellow toned foundations. If you’ve tried anything from Bobbi Brown and would recommend then please let me know as I have no idea where to start! 

Do you struggle finding a foundation shade with the perfect undertone for you?

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  • Claire Cavanagh

    I definitely wasted too many years using pink-toned foundations and wondering why they didn’t look the best, now it’s yellow all the way for me 🙂 I love Healthy Mix but need to try that Illamasqua one next!

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  • Healthy Mix and True Match are my favourite too. They are brilliant. The shade of MAC SF is perfect for me but the foundation its self isn’t good for my dehydrated skin, its far too drying. I love the sound of the Illamasque one, I must check it out xx

    • Ah yes I’ve heard a few people say that about MAC, luckily it works well for me but I can imagine what a pain it can be x

  • Thanks for recommending these. I love the Healthy Mix foundation.

    Abigail Alice x

  • Great post! I have never found a foundation to match me well other than my MAC Studio Fix so it looks like I’ll have to try some of these out!

    Gabija |

  • Great post!
    I really recommend the Healthy Mix foundation, it is a must have!

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  • Nia

    This is legit my no1 problem when trying a new foundation. I’ve got such a strong yellow undertone that I can barely find drugstore foundations to match. I’m currently using the MAC Studio Fix Fluid and it is amazing!

    • You know I have the same problem the only one drugstore that’s worked for me is Revelon Color Stay in warm golden

  • Lys

    I love Bourjois Healthy Mix too! The lightest shade is a perfect match. L’Oreal foundations seem great too, I’m yet to give them a go though.

  • Jessica Duarte

    Great post! I love the MAC Studio Fix fluids too!

    Jessica |

  • The Milani Conceal and Perfect foundation is great for yellow undertones! I have 03 for half the year and a slightly darker 05 for more tan months!

    • Oh I want to try Milani, I don’t think we can get it in the UK though wah!

      • Yess you can! Beauty Bay and Milani’s own UK website do it. As well as coctail cosmetics 🙂

  • I am surprise that white person needs yellow based foundation . You learn something new everday.I usually like MILANI foundation because some of there foundation is yellow based. A lot of black makeup is orane based or red based.Its very annoying.Yellow undertone are very popular with black person and women of colour from beyonce colour to my colour.
    Makeup companies use pink,red based as its cheaper for them
    I found Loreal foundation to orange for my skin tone.I look like Ive been on holiday .It makes me glow bright orange