7 New Year Beauty Resolutions

2017 beauty resolutionsWelcome back and Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and all that jazz, we did although the boys were sick, Joy! You can catch up on Vlogmas here. It’s almost time to get back to reality in the Prideaux household, Mark is back to work tomorrow and I am itching to get back into my blogging routine. I wanted to kick off the New Year with a Resolutions type post but not life resolutions. More beauty. I have decided to not really go into my life and blogging resolutions this year mainly because I don’t want to focus on these too much and put pressure on myself. I also have quite a few beauty resolutions I’d rather share. So lets get started!

2017 beauty resolutions


Towards the end of 2016 I found my ultimate nail lady via Instagram. I had been longing for someone who could do sculptured nails and Pinterest worthy designs and I finally found her whilst searching a number of #’s via Insta. I pretty much stalked the lovely Sarah for a few weeks and got myself booked in as soon as an appointment came up and I’ve been getting my nails done with her ever since. I want to make sure I continue to have my nails done in 2017 because it’s something I do for me time and I really enjoy having gorgeous nails. The only struggle is deciding on what to have each time as I have a huge board on Pinterest for inspiration that makes my decision so much harder, all the choices!


Where do I start…. I haven’t had my brows done at a salon in over a year. I tend to just pluck the strays as and when I see them but this year I need to make more of an effort. I used to be quite good at filling my brows, making them look really fresh and groomed. Lately I have lost my brow game and need to get back on it. I’m going to re educate myself by watching lots of YouTube brow tutorials and get myself to the salon ASAP!

Learn Some New Techniques

I would really like to learn some new techniques this year, whether it’s learning the latest Instagram trend for a laugh or practising the perfect cat flick I want to become a little more confident with the way I do my makeup. I can do the basics and I’m pretty confident with that but I’d love to be able to improve on a number of things especially my eye shadow application, again I know the basics but I want to get a little more fancy.

Wash Those Brushes

I’m very lazy when it comes to brush washing. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing better than applying your makeup with a fresh clean brush but who has the time to clean them every week. I tend to clean them all in one mammoth cleaning session then try to use a minimal amount of brushes for as long as possible. I always get round to using them all come the end which results in another mammoth cleaning session that takes hours and hours. I think this year I’d like to just make sure I clean those main brushes once a week or have more spot cleaning sessions to keep on top of things. If you’d like to see how I spot clean my brushes on a budget you can read this post, it features a brush cleaning tool that cost me £1.50!

Gradual Tanning

In 2016 I was really happy with my tanning routine. I’d tan once a week and just tan my face extra throughout that week If I needed to. This year I’d like to add gradual tanning to mix to ensure the tan lasts that little bit longer because the second half of the week always leaves me looking rather ghostly which makes me feel super gross. To ensure I’m feeling my absolute best a tan plays a huge part in that so I think by gradual tanning once a week too will really help up my tan game.

Weekly Facial

Lazy Liza over here. I’m very relaxed when it comes to makeup removal and I’m not the kindest to my skin most of the time. I do remove my makeup daily of course but I could be much kinder to my skin. I’d like to introduce a weekly facial into my routine and give myself a bit of a pamper because let’s face it I’m not getting any younger and it’s about time I made a little more effort when it comes to skincare.

Create a Makeup Capsule Wardrobe

The final resolution and the biggest challenge is going to be to create a makeup capsule wardrobe. So you’ve all heard of a capsule wardrobe right? I thought it would be an amazing idea to downsize my current makeup collection and just get rid of the stuff I don’t use. I really want to have more of a minimalist vibe in my life this year from home clutter to clothes and makeup so this is the main goal for me. If you’ve created yourself a capsule wardrobe I’d love to know how you are finding it and if it was hard for you to do? After all I do love makeup, but do I really need it all? Probably not, well no is the answer. No.

Do you have any beauty resolutions this year? I’d love to know, leave me a comment!

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