Why I’m Glad I Asked For A VBAC Instead of an Elective Section

newborn stokke sleepiBack when I was a teen I used to always say “I wish you could just choose to have a c-section, I would definitely choose to have one”. Oh my how naive I was, I thought that by having a section you’d be pretty pain-free and end up with a stomach as flat as Victoria Beckham but let me tell you I was very wrong.

I had a section with my first son Vinny over 3 and half years ago due to a failed induction and failure to progress. I was really laid back and quite happy to go ahead with the section, I kind of thought that’s how it would end anyway. I was so ready to meet little man I just nodded and agreed. I still remember the pain and discomfort I had after the delivery to this day. In fact one of my main memories was the first shower I had post surgery. I had to have the nurse help me get into the shower, I was basically crouched over like an old lady. When I looked into the mirror my face went as white as a ghost and I almost fainted. To be honest the recovery is the only thing that really made me want to try for a VBAC.

The section itself was an emergency one, it wasn’t planned but to be honest I think the overall experience was pretty calm and relaxed which is why I also umm’d and ahh’d over going for a VBAC. It’s one of the things I thought about up until the end of my pregnancy, I always said I would go for a VBAC but at the back of my mind I did wonder whether I would choose a section in the end and if it would come to that.

At 39 weeks +6 days, the day before my induction and three sweeps later I went into labor on my own. A very surreal and odd experience but something I really wanted to experience. I won’t go into the whole labor and delivery story you can watch that here, but what I will say is that things happened very quick. A huge surprise considering that I had to have a section first time round due to not progressing quick enough, I blame that on the induction also. My body just wasn’t ready.

Now the actual delivery for Renzo was pretty calm, in my head. Mark remembers differently but I just zoned out and shut my eyes throughout the whole thing. I had just gas and air because there was no time for an epidural but when it came to the delivery things got a little complicated and Renzo was delivered by forceps. Renzo had actually had his cord wrapped round his neck 2-3 times and he was also back to back which we didn’t know until he popped out.

Those last few moments were the worst part of the delivery, forceps are definitely not pleasant and the stitching up afterwards also take forever but you know what? I’m so glad it happened that way and I got to experience a kind of natural birth. I was never going to be one of those girls that just pops a baby out with no problems, It seems I like to bring a bit of drama with me wherever I go!

Recovery after my complicated VBAC was surprisingly quicker than the section, I did stay in hospital a few days longer than I wanted but I needed those days too. If you are trying to decide on a VBAC or a section I’d say go with the flow and do what is right for you. Everyone’s experience is so, so different but the end results are the most magical moments in life.

Have you had a VBAC before, how did it go for you? I’d really love to hear your experiences and if you are currently pregnant and deciding on what to do I’d love to hear your thoughts too.

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  • Omg I could have written this. Emergency section with Ted…so much pain after and deffo not the easy option. With Callie I pushed for a vbac and it sounds like Renzo’s birth was similar to hers too before the forceps delivery. I was 40+2 when I had her after 2 sweeps and just gas and air, she came out with the help of 4 sets of midwife hands and I tore but would still rather that pain than the csection recovery any day! Well done you and high five to vbac Mums! 🙂

    • Thanks lovely! Yes the after pain with a section is awful isn’t it? Although I have heard other mums have completely different experiences and had minimal pain. Sounds like we have a similar pain threshold! x P.S. I did say the word pain way too many times then!

      • I remember the fear of seeing and touching my scar too was awful. I still have no feeling from my belly button down 4 years on! Recovery is definitely easier with a natural birth though. I just had a scroll through your IG and Renzo is such a big boy now bless him! Time needs to slow down!!

  • I had two back to back births and they were blimmin painful, so so painful! It’s sort of nice that you’ve experienced both. I used to the same as you as a teen, I was adamant I would only want a c section, but I didn’t when it really came to it. xx

  • Kerryy

    Ah both mine were back to back too and so painful! Glad you got to experience it though! haha xx

  • Lisa Cornwell

    I could have written this myself! I had a planned csection first time as he was breech and I really wanted a vbac even though it terrified me! I was convinced he was going to be late and that I’d end up opting for a section but I went into labour on my due date. Like you, a very speedy one, just about made it to the hospital in time to push. He was back to back and his head got stuck so I needed an episiotamy. That’s where the story changes as my recovery was so so hard. I’d say it was harder than the section recovery. It took me about 12 weeks to feel normal again and now after almost four months I almost feel like it never happened! Despite all that though, I am so bloody proud of myself and I’m so glad I got to push a baby out mostly by myself! x

    • Ah this amazing, well done on your VBAC! It’s crazy how differently everyone recovers x

  • I requested a VBAC with my second child as I had an emergency section with my first due to her being chin up instead of chin down. Unfortunately, he was too high up and failed to come down during labour so resulted in a second emergency section. I’m pleased that I did try to labour and birth naturally, alas it seems my body isn’t geared up for it.

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