I’m Starting A Bullet Journal

bullet journalOn Monday when I was dreading getting back to reality I had a bit of a ‘let’s get motivated’ moment. During that time I was watching YouTube videos…. Cleaning Routines if you must know! They always make me want to get the mop out! Whilst watching them and getting the motivation to start cleaning I also had a thought about my 25 New Year Resolutions Ideas video and how I mentioned to write more notes…. I then remembered seeing online few people talking about Bullet Journals. I did a little research and I’m officially hooked and ready to start my own.

If you like writing notes and having a little doodle then a Bullet Journal is totally for you. Basically it’s a notebook system which incorporates planning, organising, list-making, and of course doodling in an organised way. I do love to think I’m being organised and I thought this would be a really nice way to motivate myself, and buy LOTS of new stationery woohoo.

I’m still not entirely sure how the layout will go yet and I’m a little scared about starting it then making loads of mistakes but that’s what I’ve bought lots of fun stickers for…! I’ve been having a look on Instagram using the hashtags #bujo and #bulletjournal. There are so many pretty journals and I’m rather envious already because I know mine won’t look that fabulous, my handwriting is rather atrocious but hey it’s all about getting organised right?

Since writing this post at the beginning of the week I have actually started my Bullet Journal, I found it super intimidating at first and I think I spent about an hour one evening just planning out the first page. After an unsuccessful start I left the journal and started again the next day keeping in mind that this is my journal and mistakes will happen. It’s not going to be perfect so my advice for anyone wanting to start is to just start and don’t worry about it being perfect. You will find your style and practice definitely makes perfect, I’m a few pages in now and I’ve already found my style and what works for me.

To see what I bought to start my bullet journal you can watch the video below, it’s a bullet journal haul. If you love stationary then you should enjoy this video.

If you have a bullet journal I’d love to know how you use it and if there are any pages you can’t live without.

Can’t wait to hear from you, let’s be Bujo buddies!

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