How To Declutter Your Makeup Bag

declutter makeupThis year I want to take more of a minimalist approach to my life. From makeup and fashion to home and interiors. I literally just have too much stuff and it was starting to stress me out. Becoming more minimalist can be rather daunting though especially when you have cupboards and drawers full of things you don’t need so I’m taking things one step at a time. Let’s start with the Makeup Bag. Here are my tips to help you give your makeup bag a mini detox.

mermaid candle Throw Away 

Start by throwing things away. Out of date makeup, makeup you don’t use… that lipstick that has barely any product left but you just can’t bare to throw it away because it reminds you of that night out with the work girls… throw it. The Facebook pictures can bring back those memories from now on. Oh and that eyeshadow duo that Aunty Sheila gave you 5 years ago because it’s basically vintage… you know what to do.


Test your foundation and concealers to make sure the shades still match you. How many times have you bought a base product without swatching and then come home, tried it and it’s been the worst match ever? What are you keeping it for? Throw away the shades that don’t match and wait until the seasons change to invest in your next shade.

makeup declutter Replace

My favourite part. Realised all of your mascaras were out of date and have nothing left? Just buy another! FeelUnique is currently giving me LIFE, home to over 20,000 products from brands including Chanel, YSL and Dior. I’m already heading over to see what I can buy for my new uncluttered makeup bag. I mean I need to have some new bits right? If you buy multi tasking products like the YSL Kiss and Blush you won’t need to buy as much. Result!

Bonus Tips

  • Keep a handful of lipsticks, a few neutrals for daytime and a couple of brights for fun events.
  • Get rid of the frosted, bright coloured eyeshadows and keep the neutrals.
  • Give away products you have never used and won’t use.
  • Choose 5 makeup brushes you can’t live without, keep them clean and get rid of the rest.

Have you given your makeup bag a detox recently? I’d love to hear your tips.

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