How My Blog Has Changed Since Becoming A Mum Of Two

mum of two You’ve probably noticed over the past 10 or 11 months that my blog has slowly had less and less content published on it. This isn’t something I had planned on, nor did I think would ever happen but over the past few months it has. Content has probably halved on this blog since having Renzo and to be honest it’s due to a couple of things and I thought it was about time I addressed that.

I often get wobbles when it comes to my online space, we all do but this year I have really tried to make that less of a problem for me and to not let it effect me as much as it usually would have. This is why I now like to switch off whenever things are getting a bit much. I used to feel an incredible amount of pressure to get content live every day or every other day and I have come to realise that life, and the moments in it are just so important and if I want to have a day to be with my boys and take in family life instead of trying to juggle the blog, social media and YouTube then I will.

mum bloggerI do find that taking that time to just be mum and not a mum boss has helped me to juggle things even better. Which sounds odd right? I have learnt to use the limited time I have to really get stuck in and create the content I want, I have also learnt that I do need help every now and again. I often ask my husband Mark to help me with the photography for some of my posts, he even vlogs from time to time with me which is really lovely and I love that we are such a great team. It’s nice to have a work buddy sometimes because this blogging world can be mighty lonely which I spoke about here.

Anyway back to the reason behind the lack of content, I have also been creating more YouTube content. You may remember I used to upload once a week but I’ve now upped this to twice a week sometimes more if I can. YouTube content takes even longer to create, especially if you are a bit of a perfectionist… have to have the right set up, the right lighting, peace and quiet… meaning no children around to distract.

It’s been really lovely creating more YouTube content but I still don’t feel quite there yet with it all, is it odd to say that I’m a little disheartened I don’t have my own little tribe yet? I mean I do get some lovely comments and such supportive ones at that which I appreciate so much, I guess I have a smaller quieter tribe but I wish we could all chat more. I often crawl back into my little comparison den and that is the worst thing to do. I look at others doing amazingly well that just know their niche and have that down and then wonder why I don’t. I don’t know what I really want to do, everyone say’s you need a niche and I get that but I just don’t know what I want to put out there. I enjoy creating the family content as it’s something I love looking back on, I love beauty too. It’s where it all began.

mum of two So what I’m saying is, I’m not quite there yet. I’m enjoying this journey, I love getting comments and love. I think we all do right? I’m just going to continue to do my best and create the best content I can, stuff that I enjoy and I hope you all enjoy also. For now there won’t be any niche, just know that when you visit any of my sites or social media accounts you can get a great mix from me. Something that I hope you can relate to like I do with some of my favourite content creators and online friends.

Posts on the blog will continue to go live, I’m sticking to a schedule of 2-3 times a week and I’m happy with that. Do let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to see, I love hearing from you guys. So much.

Thanks for listening to my ramble, sorry if it doesn’t make much sense but today I just wanted to write to you all and have a little natter. I’m just enjoying these moments as a mum, I love working from home and I guess we can say I’m a mum boss. All us mummas are, here is to doing an amazing job. Having down days, and some amazing high days, we are all in it together.

If you are not subscribed to my YouTube channel already I’d love for you to come and say hi, next weeks schedule is a little random as we are away on holiday but catch up on the content that is already live and when I’m back I will have even more fabulous videos up for you all.

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