How To Do An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt Hey guys, how are you doing? I’m finally getting back into a routine after our holiday and today I’m writing a blog post as part of‘s “Doing It Differently” series. As a child I remember Easter being such a big occasion for our family, I’m part Italian so we always headed to my Nonas for Easter Day with the rest of my relatives. Lot’s of food would already be prepared, cakes, starters, and pasta on the go as we arrived, it was a little like Christmas.

Although Easter isn’t such a big occasion for us anymore I still want to ensure its as special for the children as it was for me as a child. This year we are going to do things a little different and I’m going to prepare an Indoor Easter Egg Hunt. Traditionally these would be outdoors but with the English weather we can’t always enjoy the great outdoors so I’m being prepared for the April showers and organising an Indoor Easter Egg Hunt.

easter nothsTips For A Fun Indoor Easter Egg Hunt 

  • I don’t know about you but when I’m organising a party I like everything to be just right. I do also love to colour coordinate. Use colour coordinated eggs to stop one child getting all the eggs, every child wants to be a winner so make sure they have a designated colour of eggs to collect so that nobody gets left out.
  • To make things super fun add some bonus Easter Eggs that glow in the dark! I imagine you will be hiding them somewhere dark so add some glow sticks in the plastic eggs to make them light up. Whoever finds them get’s an extra egg!
  • Dress up! Not really a tip but I always like to dress the boys up in something new for Easter. A little like my tradition when I was a little girl, I’d always love planning my Easter Day outfit. This year I’m dressing Renzo in an adorable Bunny Face Baby Sleepsuit and Vinny is wearing a personalised Bunny Rabbit T-shirt, it has his initials on the sleeve which I think is adorable!
  • To create the best photo backdrop for your easter celebrations decorate an area of the house with bunting. Either make your own on the lead up to Easter for a fun activity with the children or order something online. Here is the garland we have it’s been carefully made with such love and skill by a small creative business in the UK, I’m not the most creative so I love supporting others that have that creativity I don’t have. Also you can buy the Personalised Easter Sign, here.
  • Put a letter inside each egg. The letters together should spell out where the Easter Basket is hidden! A great one for children learning to read.
  • Last but not least, why not try a Reverse Easter Egg Hunt. Older children will love this, they’ll love trying to stump the adults!

nothsI hope you enjoyed this post, do let me know what you are planning to do this Easter whether it’s an Easter Egg hunt or something different. Also if you are looking to get some lovely unique pieces to decorate your home or just need some fab Easter Egg hunt supplies then check out for many thoughtful unique products from the UK’s best creative small businesses.

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