ANTI-HAUL || What I Won’t Be Buying

anti-haulI’ve been dying to catch up on my favourite blogs recently and this morning whilst doing just that I came across a post by the lovely Rebecca from Fromroses and it really intrigued me. It was all about the Anti-Haul and to be honest I hadn’t heard about it before but after reading her post I thought it would be great to put my own together.

So if you haven’t heard of this either then it’s basically where bloggers and vloggers talk about all the things they won’t be buying rather than buying. I definitely have quite a few so let me share those with you today and the reasons behind it.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder 

Whenever I watch a makeup tutorial on YouTube I almost always come across someone using this powder. It gives great results but I just don’t think it’s for me and I’d rather spend my money elsewhere. I just don’t need to be using loose powders, they are so messy and I haven’t got time for that. Plus my skin gets dry very easily, especially under the eye area so I just can’t see it work for me as a setting powder. I’m very happy using drugstore setting powders, they are cheap and cheerful and always work really well on my skin.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit – Surreal Light

Every bloggers dream right? A gorgeous palette in marble packaging. Don’t get me wrong I think this palette is absolutely stunning but do I really need it? No. I did buy into the Ambient lighting trend a few years ago now and I bought the original palette and to be honest I wasn’t really wowed by it. The powders were nice, but it’s not something I’d be in a rush to repurchase and to be honest I still have the first palette and it’s not really been touched much. So I won’t be buying this palette even though it would look fab on my dressing table.

Mom jeans

These look so cute on everyone I’ve seen so far however the mom style jean just isn’t for me. I go for high-waisted, suck me in kind of jeans. Something to hide my mum-tum and these just don’t do that, in fact they probably would accentuate the pooch. Nor do they go with my style. I mean I love the casual look, but I need to wear something fitted on my body and usually that’s jeans paired up with a loose top, I think If I wore mom jeans and a loose top I’d look so scruffy and like such a frump. I love seeing others in these with a cute crop or a fitted top tucked in but that just wouldn’t work for my body. At all!

Crop Tops

Yep, I’m going to refer to my mum-tum once again and I think that’s all I need to say really. Crop tops will never work for me unless I’m on a gorgeous beach somewhere really hot where nobody knows me and then maybe, just maybe I will whip out a crop top.

iPhone Selfie Light

I see so many celebs on Instagram promoting these but they really don’t make an awful lot of difference. To be honest I rarely use my phone for photos these days, I tend to use my Olympus Pen or my Canon camera but when I am out and need to use my phone then the flash works perfectly fine. I don’t really see the need to have this in my bag too.

Fujifilm Instax Camera

Again, I love the look of these but I just don’t think it’s something I’d use very much. I just like to do everything online and digitally these days, mainly because it’s quick and easy. I also think that having to buy new film all the time could be a little annoying as I’m very forgetful and it would probably get quite expensive too. I think you get about 20 shots from one pack which isn’t much. A great camera for those instant memories and gorgeous for scrapbooking and photo albums but not for me.

So those were a few things that I won’t be buying, there is quite a lot more but for now I’d love to hear what you won’t be buying too! Let me know your anti-haul items in the comments!

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