home bathroom style When you have guests stay do you spend a few days leading up to the stay preparing your house for them? I do! I like to get the rooms organised, tidy away all of the toy clutter and the list goes on. Something I also love to do is give the bathroom a little spruce up and I always try to give it a little hotel inspired makeover. It really is easy to get the 5 Star look in your home. Here is how I do that, it’s so simple to do and these little changes really add the hotel vibe I love.

Vanity Trays

Create an organised space near the sink area, use a vanity tray to add a touch of elegance to the space. My bathroom can often get cluttered with too many products so this is a really simple way to make the necessities appear more like decor than clutter. Use this space to add some pretty lotions, hand soap, or other toiletries. Tip: Use glass bottles. This way you can make all your bath products appear uniform and sophisticated.

home hotelFresh Towels

Fresh towels are a must, I like to buy new fluffy towels for my guests. I keep everything white and bright because it makes everything look clean, serene and contemporary. Plus white looks great in my grey bathroom! So fresh. Tip: Arrange them to form a display, for that extra sense of spa-like serenity.

Beautiful Blooms

I usually stick to faux flowers but when we have special guests I love to make the extra effort to add some fresh flowers to the room. This is a great way to add some colour, and contrast to the room. They will make your bathroom smell beautiful and it will add a touch of elegance.

Heat it up

We are very lucky to have underfloor heating in our bathroom and we do have it on constantly. It really does feel amazing when you get out of the bath and step your toes onto that warm floor. I always make sure the underfloor heating  is on a little higher when guests are around so they can enjoy that luxury too.

What’s your favourite thing about hotel bathrooms? I do love the mini toiletries!

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